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I just read the sequel to Vögelein: Clockwork Faerie. I liked the second book, Vögelein: Old Ghosts quite a bit, but I didn't think it was as good as the first one. Without going into spoilery territory, I was disappointed in the main arc and frustrated with one of the secondary ones. 

Also, some of the characters seemed ... sugarcoated in this one. 

It was still an enjoyable read, and exquisitely drawn, and I still look forward to future volumes. 

So here's my question. This is an indie author whom I'd love to support. I was happy to leave a 5-star review of the first book on Amazon. This book has only three reviews so far, two 5-star and one 4-star. I don't feel that I can give it 5 stars, and another 4 star review will bring her average down. 

I want to do right by this author. Is it more important for an indie author to have the highest possible average? Or to have the largest possible number of reviews?
Help me, f-list-wan Kenobi!
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