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Nineteen vids! A wealth of enjoyment!
The vid show kicked off with a retrospective vid featuring clips from earlier REVELcons--it had been shown before, but was a delight to see again. The clips came from the cabarets and went all the way to the beginning; there were two shots from when Elaine and I used to perform as Ann(e) Squared.

Next we were treated to last year's Best of Show vid - Jan's idea - a Sentinel vid to the Pink song "Perfect." I remembered liking it a lot last year and enjoyed seeing it again.

The vid show started with six gen vids. The first, "Evil Secret" by Cruvas Arxantia, was a Supernatural vid that appeared to trace the character arc of a dark-haired girl. Since I don't watch Supernatural, I couldn't really follow this one. The second, "Worth the Price," also by Cruvas Arxantia, used clips from SG-1 in an unusual way, highlighting the military aspects of the show, especially Jack's dedication to the service, with a patriotic song that was pro-soldier without being pro-war. The vid focused on a number of servicemen's tombstones, and Jamie read a request by the vidder that we pay special attention to the names on the tombstones, but I wasn't quite sure what their significance was. If I find out, I'll add it to this report! Edited to add: It turns out that the first names on the tombstones were the same as the first names of the SG-1 characters.

Vid #3 was "Howling For You," a Pros vid by DPSmuttering. I hadn't heard the song before, but I really liked it; it had a driving beat and a bluesy-rockabilly feeling that, combined with a great selection of clips, captured a quirky, oddly stylish blend of action and humor. A long time ago I wrote a short piece for the vidding newsletter "Rainbow Noise," in which I remember mentioning the visceral enjoyment of well-matched music and motion as an element of vidding I find particularly appealing. This one had it in spades!

The next vid, "Keep Yourself Alive" by Lesley Wilmoth incorporated a good mix of comic-book action from the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to music by Queen--a natural combination! It began with a nice buildup and never slowed down.

Vid #5, "Kirk Fu," was hilarious! This Star Trek: TOS vid by T'Lara, set to an instrumental piece called "Judo," strung together many, many of Kirk's fight scenes, highlighting how often he uses certain odd moves. It was a hoot!

The final gen vid was Jamie Ritchey's Harry Potter vid "Be True to Your School" - reading the individual Houses as "schools" - quite amusing. I think my favorite tidbit of mapping the lyrics to the visuals came on the line about the car "with the decal in back" - she used Ron and Harry flying the magical car for the line, and Hedwig wound up being the decal!

Next we had the slash vids, kicking off with "I Drove All Night," in which T'Lara mixed clips from TOS, the original-cast movies, and the reboot movies. I think she made a wise choice to emphasize the first two over the latter one, since the clips from TOS and the original-cast movies have a depth and richness in every frame owing not only to their own long history but to the meanings developed within them by fandom. I liked the vid even though I don't like the song!

Vid #8, a Hannibal vid by DPSmuttering, used a half-whispered, fuzz-distorted version of "Stand By Me" to sustain an eerie and powerful mood. Never seen Hannibal--loved the vid.

Vid #9 was "Perfect," a Suits vid by FieryGoddessofYaoi (to a different song than Jamie's Sentinel vid). I haven't seen Suits and couldn't really follow the vid.

Vid #10, "Wait for It," the first of three Star Trek vids by Rhaegal (whom I was very pleased to meet after the vid show) was stunning. It began in black and white, using multiple frames with clips from TOS and the original-cast movies to tell Spock's story, matching well to the song's lyrics. Suddenly, partway through, it burst into color with scenes from the reboot movies, using Spock Prime as the connection, then conveying close parallels between Kirk/Spock in the reboot and in TOS by juxtaposing scenes and finally, going back to black-and-white in a freeze-frame at the end.

"Gone Gone Gone," a Pros vid by kat-byrd, came next, a smooth, straightforward and touching vid, without any discernible special effects.

Vid #12 was another Star Trek vid by Rhaegal. I love the song, "Landslide," and I loved what she did with it, using the references to reflections and mirrors to show an older Kirk in scenes from Star Trek VI looking back on his past with Spock (in b&w clips from TOS, inserted into the frame). As in her "Wait For It" vid, the special effects were carefully used in the service of telling the story, rather than as gimmicks, and I thought they worked really well.

Vid #13, "Hurt Makes It Beautiful" by DPSmuttering, was another Hannibal song. For some reason I found that this one needed more knowledge of the source text to make sense of it; it seemed more plot-driven and less atmospheric than "Stand By Me." Nonetheless, I could at least tell that the song fit creepily well with what was happening (or appearing to happen) onscreen.

The next vid really made me think hard about the nature of slash vids. It was a sweet, romantic, lovely Strachey Mysteries vid by Cruvas Arxantia to "I Can't Stop Loving You." In that universe, the relationship is canon, and I realized as I watched the vid, that while it actually gave me more of what we slash fen love to see (hugging, snuggling, and most especially boykissing!), it also gave me less of what I love in vids. Even in gen vids, a significant part of the enjoyment for me is seeing how the vidder maps the lyrics onto the clips, and especially how the vidder creates a tension between what was originally happening in the scene from which the clip is taken, and how the clip is being recontextualized to fit into the vid. But when the characters really are openly in love, then scenes in which they exchange glances or touch one another aren't being recontextualized--they're being used with their original significance. Somehow it just wasn't as much fun. But hey, there was boykissing!

Vid #15, a Pros vid by kat-byrd to the song "Too Close," was intense and used an effect I haven't seen in a vid before. The clips she chose, along with the song, highlighted the tension in Bodie and Doyle's relationship effectively. During the refrains, she made an interesting use of the device of transforming a still video frame into a single-line drawing and then making the line vanish continuously until the frame was completely white. (ETA: I saw Kat the next day and had a chance to tell her how much I loved the vid, and she told me this technique is called "rotosketching".) In one refrain, the effect is reversed, which made me wonder if that was supposed to represent a glimmer of hope, as the line appeared, drawing itself and turning into video. The effect appeared again a little later in the original video-to-whiteout order, so the ultimate mood was bleak rather than hopeful.

Next came "Hello," the third and last of the lovely Star Trek vids by Rheagal, who used the song to build a story of distance between Kirk and Spock as well as the desire for reconciliation.

Vid #17 was simply entitled "S&H Mash Up." Created by kat-byrd, it was something I've never seen before in a vid. Instead of using one song continuously, she used several brief snippets of song/clip combinations - beginning with "What I Like About You" - to illuminate an arc of the relationship between Starsky & Hutch. I can't figure out whether I liked it or not, but I was glad to see someone pushing the boundaries of this art form.

The next vid, "We Should Hang Out," was a H5-0 (reboot) vid by FatOrangeKat. The song was catchy and the use of phrases from the song onscreen made it easier to follow. The vidder found hilarious facial expressions and gestures to bring the song to life. Lots of fun!

The last vid, #19, was a Star Trek: TOS vid by T'Lara to a goofy song called "Homo Christmas." Very funny and clever. Maybe it was because of the earlier Strachey vid, but I found myself really appreciating how the vidder recontextualized so many scenes to make them not just suggestive, but naughty.

Kudos to all the vidders who shared their talents with us, and to Jamie for coordinating yet another great show!

ETA: Jamie posted a list of the vid contest winners on the REVELcon listserv:
Favorite - Keep Yourself Alive, a Marvel Cinematic Universe vid by Lesley Wilmoth
Runner Up - Be True To Your School, a Harry Potter vid by Jamie Ritchey

Favorite - Wait For It, a Star Trek vid by Rhaegal
Runner Up - We Should Hang Out, a Hawaii Five-0 vid by FatOrangeKat

Best in Show
Homo Christmas, a Star Trek vid by T'Lara

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