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Here's a link to download the song I was squeeing about in the previous entry so you can hear it for yourself:

And here are the lyrics as far as I can make them out, chiefly because I'm hoping it will encourage more people to listen to & enjoy the song! (If you happen to spot any errors or catch any additional words, that'd be awesome, but feel free to download the song without obligation.) If a word is italicized, it means I'm not sure that's what it really says. Question marks indicate syllables that I just could not make out (one question mark per syllable). There are also a few comments at the end.

    Leave Hogwarts quite quietly
    Steal from ? to ? ? ?
    I'm so excited to live wildly
    Tonight we're going into town
    But not to any town--
    Going to Muggletown.

    We found this tavern they call a "pub"
    It's messy--rats, sweat and rum
    When we entered, all the boys turned around
    But only 'cause we're wearing cloaks

    We don't know what it's like to be meaningless
    Teach us how to play according to your rules
    Tonight my father is a postman
    And this time I am Astrid Peth
    So this is how it feels to be a Muggle

    This place is strange—what a thing on the wall!
    What's that sport with no Quaffle?
    Look at that guy sitting all alone,
    I heard them calling it a "cell phone"
    Don't forget—we are in Muggletown.

    There's something wrong with this so-called beer
    You haven't tasted whiskey, dear
    I like the bad guy wearing a gun
    I think they're cute, come on, let's have fun

    We don't know what it's like to be meaningless
    Teach us how to play according to your rules
    Tonight I'm driving a Batobus
    And this time I'm a stewardess
    So this is how it feels to be a Muggle

    We left the place so drunk we could barely fly
    We told John and Jim we were back to the sky
    [spoken]What the fuck, Lucy? He's ugly and hairy!
    Yeah, but I like him. And yours is a Communist and I'm not sure he's single.
    I don't care! I promised I'd call.
    Well, that means we are still all alone.
    Well, if we want to have fun, we can always [end spoken part]
    Go back to Muggletown

    We don't know what it's like to be meaningless
    Teach us how to play according to your rules
    Tonight I'm a Sharukh Khan fan
    And this time, I'm a chick that's bad
    So this is how it feels to be a Muggle

Overall note on the attempted transcription: it's interesting how much one's expectations have to do with figuring out what they're saying!

Verse 1: The line that ends "sweat and rum," I would expect to begin with something like "it smells like," but it doesn't sound like it.

When I originally heard this song, I thought the last line of the first verse was "but only 'cause we're wearing clothes"--which puzzled me greatly! But the "ks" ending is actually quite clear if you listen.

Refrain: They seem to say "meaningless" pretty clearly, but I was expecting "magic-less" or a synonym, so I'm not 100% sure of the word.

Verse 2: Given the context, I'm pretty sure both girls are pointing to the same object, so the funny-looking thing on the wall is presumably the television that is showing some Quaffle-less sport such as British football.

The word I have as "sitting" sounds a bit more like "singing," but then I would expect the next line to say he's at a karaoke machine.

I initially interpreted "There's something wrong with this so-called beer/You haven't tasted whiskey, dear" to mean that the first girl, who thought she was drinking Muggle beer, actually got Muggle whiskey and didn't recognize it. After some thought, I think it's much more likely that the meaning is something like this: "Muggle beer is yucky compared to Butterbeer/If you think Muggle beer tastes yucky, wait until you try Muggle whiskey [compared to Firewhiskey]--it's even worse!"

*Scratches head* Would you really find a guy openly wearing a gun in an English pub? Maybe she's pointing to the TV again and it's showing a commercial, but the next line suggests they're scoping out the guys in the bar.

Verse 3: One of the reviews of the EP on which this song is found observes that the EP casually mentions Communists a couple of times (the other mention is in the song "Voldemort, Peace Off!"). Which, the reviewer observes with some bemusement, is two more mentions than any other Wizard Rock album.

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