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When I posted the three commentfics earlier that I had written for [ profile] demilos_wagon, I totally forgot the first one I had written! So at that point I actually had four. *foreheadsmack* Since then I've written one more. So here they are!

[ profile] erinm_4600 asked for "AU!fic, post-series - Adora's not in the grave"
141 words )

[ profile] naturalbluicons offered the prompt, "Ambrose/Azkadellia, betrayal."
339 words )
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I can't believe I forgot to mention this in the earlier post! One of the extra features on the Kung Fu Panda DVD was about the Noodle House - and it featured Alton Brown!!!! Squee!
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I enjoyed this book a lot and I'm looking forward to the two sequels. It was recommended by a friend, whose daughter loves the series, and I can see why. It was fairly light and fun, mostly educational (it has a lot to do with Greek mythology), and very affirming of kids with ADHD and dyslexia. minor spoilers and quibbles )

OTOH, these quibbles out of the way, I hugely enjoyed a lot of the clever stuff that the author did with bringing the ancient Greek pantheon into modern times. The plot had some clever twists and turns. The hero was very likeable and Hermione Annabeth is a good strong female character of the type kids' books need to have more of.
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About five years ago I got a DVD player for my birthday, and it has finally died. It did interesting things while it was dying - for a while there, every now and then when I hit pause, the screen would divide into 9 tiny pictures and keep moving. Which was cool, but somewhat inconvenient.

Anyway, about three or four years ago I got a DVD burner for my birthday, which worked for about eight months and then just quit working. Without any cool special effects. If I were a properly-organized person, I would have called the manufacturer and complained. If I were not quite that organized, but still more organized that I really am, I would have gotten rid of it one way or another, trash, freecycle, whatever. Being me, I stuck it in the garage and forgot about it.

Back to the present. The only place to buy a DVD player where I live is the Wal-Mart, which I would prefer not to patronize, but we just haven't had the time or energy to drive to a nearby city with more options. So we've been trundling along for a few weeks now without a DVD player, and we kinda miss having one.

I bet you see where this is going. I'm not sure what reminded me - but I went and salvaged the old burner from the garage just now. It won't RECORD - but it PLAYS just fine! It will do until we get a new player.

Now if only I could find my primary reading glasses...
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I need to post a response to all the very kind people who replied to my last post, and I will - but right now, I have a very time-sensitive question!

Y'all know I have been tending sourdough starter and tonight I actually mixed the batter and I have four loaves baking even as we speak. However... while I was out buying ingredients I bought a new box of baking soda and I also bought a box of kitty litter deodorizer of the same brand in a very similar box.

I think you can guess what happened.

There's no poison warning on the box or on the Arm & Hammer website, and it only went into two of the loaves before I realized the mistake; unfortunately I can't tell which two. TODS thinks we should just bake them all, taste them, and throw out the two yucky-tasting ones - if indeed they even taste yucky.

Advice? Suggestions?

ETA: I did wind up throwing them out, although it was hard to resist keikokin's suggestion of testing them on a student.
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I am really tired - on my way to take a nap. But first I wanted to send my folks the URL to the Star Wars article I was quoted in. I opened my email and looked at a few messages along the way - cut and pasted a URL to a slash story challenge into my browser and glanced at it - then opened an email with the SW URL in it, and cut and pasted that into the message to my family.

Or so I thought. I copied the message to myself, and when I opened it, there was the link to the story challenge, which I sent to my mom & dad, both sisters, and my brother.

I immediately sent a new message with the correct URL and a note saying to disregard the previous one... hope hope hope they do!
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I've made my first attempt at icon-making! Another sign that [ profile] pocketwitch has succeeded in pimping me into the LJ community hook, line, and sinker!

People like [ profile] elke_tanzer and [ profile] gblvr were so kind to make them for me - it didn't really occur to me that I could try making one myself until just recently.

I took along a camera to my son's recent belt-test at the dojo where we both study taijutsu. I was only going to take pictures of his test, but I had nearly a roll to use up and couldn't resist snapping a few shots of the other people who were testing that night. A picture of [ profile] cirobi came out especially well, so I cropped it, put the words "badass ninja babe" on it, and sent it to her.

Then after I turned off the computer and went to bed, I kept worrying, "I forgot to check properties - what if it's too many k? What if there's an etiquette rule I don't know about, against posting icons with people's actual faces on them? What if...?" Then I fell asleep. The nice thing about ADD is that I can't concentrate on *anything* for too long, include things to worry about. :-)

The icon - and her reaction, which was immensely gratifying and sweet - can be seen here:

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