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For those of you who love Barney Miller and would love to see the slashiest bits again--and most especially, for those of you who are saying, "Wait, Barney Miller was slashy???" Here's a link to download the Harris/Dietrich pimping tape slash recruitment clip compilation:

It may take a while, depending on your Internet speed--it's about 3 gigs.

And here's a handy guide:Read more... )

Prompt me!

Nov. 11th, 2013 09:15 pm
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I'm so relieved to be out from under that project! I want to WRITE! At least drabbles. :-)

So give me a prompt and a fandom. I'm in the mood for fluff; gen or slash is fine. Night Vale, Sherlock, Tin Man, Rat Patrol, Barney Miller, any other fandom in which you know I've written. If you're not sure, feel free to ask.
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So I'm finally putting stuff up on AO3! Old stuff - nothing new to see, move along. :-)

I've put up all of my Rat Patrol and Barney Miller stuff - basically anything that has a Dietrich in it - and I'll be gradually putting other stuff up as well. The Amedia account there will essentially mirror my site on, but may give the fic a little more exposure and also provide a backup when is down for maintenance.

ETA I'm I thought I was the first person there ever to post Barney Miller fic. Hope I'm not the last! Yay! There's MORE! (see settiai's link below).[End ETA]

I dithered a bit and decided to add a "warning: offensive language" tag to "On and Off" in case the language used by the gay-bashers might bother people. I think the language itself is appropriate to the context, but if someone doesn't feel like reading it they shouldn't have to.

It's a nice interface, easy to use, although it's incredibly slow - is that always the case, or did I pick an especially busy weekend to start using it? I hardly feel I have the right to complain, given that all this wonderfulness is free, and I can use the time while I'm waiting for pages to load to sort laundry play sudoku.
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Title: Once and Future
Author: [ profile] amedia
Pairings: Harris/Dietrich, Wojo/Wentworth
Rating: PG
Summary: Harris and Dietrich move back in together.
Word Count: 6413
Note: Published in Diverse Doings 9, May 2002. 2003 Fan Q Award winner. Beta'd by TODS.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended.

Once and Future )
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Title: Stress Relief
Author: [ profile] amedia
Pairing: Harris/Dietrich
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Missing scene from "Stress Analyzer."
Word Count: 346
Disclaimer: No infringement intended.
Note: Published in Diverse Doings 9, May 2002.

Stress Relief )
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Title: In Flamingo Delicto
Author: [ profile] amedia
Pairing: Harris/Dietrich
Rating: PG
Summary: Interlude in the evidence room.
Word count: 1018
Note: Winner of the ZebraCon 2001 Story Contest; also published in Diverse Doings 9. Beta'd by TODS.

Disclaimer: No infringement intended.

In Flamingo Delicto )
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Title: On and Off
Author: [ profile] amedia
Pairing: Harris/Dietrich
Rating: PG
Summary: Undercover in a gay bar.
Warning: Offensive language.
Word Count: 4428
Note: Published in Southern Hospitality, August 2001. Beta'd by TODS.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended.

On and Off )
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Title: Nocturne
Author: [ profile] amedia
Pairing: Harris/Dietrich
Rating: PG
Summary: First-time.
Word Count: 4877
Disclaimer: No infringement intended.
Note: Published in Awakenings 7, May 2001. 2002 Fan Q Honorable Mention. Beta'd by TODS.
The prologue takes place after the episode "Hostage," in which Harris, who has been living with Dietrich while apartment-hunting, finally gets himself a new apartment. The rest of the story takes place immediately after the episode "Identity," in which Harris resents Dietrich for saving his life.

Nocturne )
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It occurs to me that, while Flammantia Moenia Mundi is a splendid place to archive stories, people are much likelier to stumble across them on LJ. So I'm going to post some older fics here. (I'm still working on new Tin Man fic as well.) If you've read these before and were hoping for more, I truly apologize; I do have a couple more on the back burner, but I would like to wait until my current flame dies down a bit, if you know what I mean.

I also did a couple of Barney Miller prompt responses a while ago:
Prompt: Dietrich & Harris, an arrest gone wrong.

Prompt: "You know how to make Eggs Benedict? I'm impressed."
"Not as impressed as I was last night."
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I can't believe it took me this long to notice! We've been watching Castle for a couple of months now, I guess; a colleague at work recommended it. It's a lot of fun.

A few days ago the characters got into the elevator like they always do, the doors closed, and for the first time we noticed what the lettering on the doors said. 12TH PRECINCT. They're at the old 1-2! The next ep, I started noticing the local addresses; they visited a place on Houston (pronounced House-ten, not like the city in Texas), which was frequently mentioned on Barney Miller. So they're in roughly the same location!

Now they need a guest cameo by Hal Linden as the retired inspector stopping in for old times' sake. Or Ron Glass and Steve Landesburg as Harris and Dietrich, celebrating the anniversary of their tryst in the evidence closet. Or something!
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There are so many reasons to love the Barney Miller Christmas episodes - we have two of them on tape and always re-watch them this time of year. "Christmas Story" is so heartwarming; Fish's "heh, heh" when he imagines people beating up Santa is a masterpiece of comic timing, and the whole plot with Yemana dating the prostitute is really sweet. (Hey, I didn't say it was *wholesome*!)

And then there's "Toys," which has such a splendidly slashy moment (and it's NOT between Harris and Dietrich, although they get some adorable bickering in). Barney and his estranged wife Liz are going over cancelled checks:

    "What's this one?" Liz asks. "Mariani's for $36?"
    "It's that nice Italian cafe on 23rd street," Barney says. "Dinner for two."
    "Oh," says Liz, significantly.
    "Inspector Luger," Barney confides. "He's had his eye on me for years."

Hee hee!

There's another Christmas episode that I've seen, "Homeless," but I don't have it on tape, and it's not on YouTube. Alas!
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In a 1969 episode entitled "The One with the Gun" (sounds like a Friends episode!) Jack Soo played a cold-blooded villain named Sam Quong. Don't believe me? Here's the evidence! )


Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:30 am
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[ profile] keikokin wrote me a story for my birthday - a Barney Miller double-drabble! With Harris! And Dietrich! Sexy and sweet and funny - I love it!

Her lj is flocked, but she uses a fic archive somewhere - I'll ask where she's putting this one up and let y'all know the URL as soon as I can!

In the meantime, color me pink 'cause I am tickled!

(I'm also 45. Cool!)
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... in a sauna!!!!

Hubby was flipping and spotted SL on That '70s Show. Yay for flipping! And yay for TiVo - we were able to snag it, upload to the 'puter, and screencap.

check it out! )
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Here's [ profile] settiai's prompt:
Dietrich & Harris, an arrest gone wrong.

And here's my response. )
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What a cool exercise!

I actually wrote two responses to [ profile] keikokin's challenge, one slash, one gen. Well, sort of gen.

These are quick-and-dirty (not that I'm promising NC-17 or anything) and may very well wind up being rewritten and incorporated into something longer.

I'll try to get to the others in the next few days.

Here's the prompt:

"You know how to make Eggs Benedict? I'm impressed."

"Not as impressed as I was last night."

the slash version )

the sort-of gen version )
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I stole this from [ profile] settiai, just so's you know. It seems like an awfully good way to prime the pump.

Give me a fandom I write in and a topic suggestion, just a couple of words or a phrase, and I'll turn out a short piece in a few days.

Here are fandoms I write in:

Rat Patrol, Barney Miller, Star Trek:TOS, Friends, Emergency!, Wild Wild West, Man from U.N.C.L.E., the Prisoner.

It's not a complete list, and there are fandoms I'm familiar with that I haven't written in, so if you want to suggest one that's not on the list, go ahead.
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Remember the episode in which Harris is advised by a man from the future to stop investing in gold and invest in zinc?

AOL just ran an article how the government is losing money by minting pennies (it costs 1.4 cents to make a one-cent piece). Here's an excerpt (emphasis mine):

Appearances aside, pennies no longer contain much copper. In the middle of 1982, after copper prices rose to record levels, the mint starting making pennies that consist mostly of zinc, with just a thin copper coating.

But these days, zinc is newly popular. Rising industrial demand and speculation have sent the price rocketing. Since the end of 2003, zinc prices have tripled. Gold, by contrast, is up only about 50 percent.
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Sometime in December 2005 - I can get the exact date if it matters - Entertainment Tonight covered a Barney Miller reunion. I thought I taped it. :-(

Instead, I taped an hour of It's a Wonderful Life! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Nobody on the Barney Miller yahoo list seems to have it, either.

Anybody got it? Willing to copy it? Will gratefully reimburse/swap/whatever. Heck, I'll write you Levitt/Scanlon fic if that's what you want (or promise *never* to).

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