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Just read the most recent book for the book club, which was very well-written and desperately sad. That seems to be what people in this club really like. Instead of complaining, I thought I'd try bringing something fun to the party! I've never recommended a book for us to read, and I think that if I did, it would be considered seriously.

It can be adult or young-adult, and it needs to be written by a woman, preferably fairly recently. (Otherwise I'd try to convince them to read Bloody Jack.) I'd love to recommend something fantasy or science fiction with a rousing adventure plot. Suggestions welcome--even if it's a book you've recommended to me before and I'm spacing on, don't worry about repetition--my mind is a BLANK!

Oh, and I need it by tomorrow night (meep!) . . . Thanks in advance for ANY assistance!!!!
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Slogged through this tragedypornfest for the book club. Cardboard characters, lame and sloppy plot. Overall message is one I've seen on an appalling T-shirt: "Boys are icky. Throw rocks at them."
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I haven't been reading a whole lot, but even so, I've managed to get behind on writing about what I've read!

These are the books I've finished since mid-January; there's another one that I'm still in the middle of that I'll write about when I'm done, called The Knox Brothers by Penelope Fitzgerald.

Read more... )
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I read four pleasure books from October through December 2012, which really isn't very many, especially since I read three of them on airplanes. Read more... )
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This was the book for the May meeting of the book club, and I would probably never have picked it up on my own, but I enjoyed it far more than I expected. Don't worry about spoilers if you click--it's not that kind of book. Details and snippets )

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