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I know I have some folks on my f-list who are into curling, and some who are into BSG, and at least one or two who are into both! So tell me - is it just me, or does the Canadian skip look a lot like Michelle Forbes (Ro Laren on TNG, Admiral Cain on BSG)?

While watching the curling and hockey, I've been seeing the new Subway ads a lot. I like the version that starts with Cleopatra, especially when the cat lifts its paw for the "five," but I *love* the one I saw first, the one that starts with the Indian dancers looking like something out of a Bollywood picturization. Even the old guy in his study seems to fit, because he and especially his study look very Victorian-London, which also makes me think of India. I was initially hoping they were introducing a new curry-flavored sandwich!
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The actor who played DG's robo-Dad in Tin Man had a brief role in the BSG finale! not very spoilery, but just in case )
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Looking for something else entirely, I happened to stumble across an entry on the IMDB for a four-and-a-half minute "proof of concept" short called "Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming," put together by Richard Hatch to convince the suits that BSG could be made again.

There's a lot of info about it, and some stills, at

Everywhere I looked, I saw the same story - it's Not Available Anywhere. If you want to see it, you have to go to a convention that Richard Hatch is at and see it in person. Or you have to have gone to one while he was still trying to get BSG made - now that it's on I don't know if he's still showing the trailer.

So. In my experience, Not Available Anywhere means you need to know a secret handshake or something. Anyone have an avi of this tucked away on their hard drive? You can respond privately if you'd feel safer.

BSG moment

Oct. 19th, 2005 11:21 pm
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My sister-in-law, who also loves BSG, has a co-worker who is partly of Asian descent. Sis is staring at her one day and finally something clicks. "Hey!" she blurts out. "You look like Boomer!"

The co-worker smiles mysteriously and replies without missing a beat. "There are many copies," she says.

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