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Story title: Lucky for Me
Author: Amedia
Rating: PG
Characters/Ship: Joey-Chandler or Joey/Chandler, depending on how hard you squint
Summary: Chandler really cares about the coffee.
Keywords: fluff, bickering, hurt/comfort
Word count: 767
Author's note: This theme of year's slash pajama party at REVELcon is "hurt/comfort," so I needed a short hurt/comfort piece in a fandom that most people would recognize. I was idly musing and this just popped into my head.
Newsflash! "Your Royal Madjesty" on AO3 - Srishti on tumblr - drew a lovely illustration for this story! You can see it at

Lucky for Me )
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For [ profile] kyleen66, with kissies!

The story without commentary may be found here.

Not Kissing Joey, the director's version )
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If you've ever wondered* why I like to slash Joey and Chandler (from Friends), check out this wonderful essay on their relationship by [ profile] usedusername!

*Actually, knowing those of you on my flist, you probably aren't wondering about that; your answers might range from, "Well, duh, they are SO doing it!" to "There goes Amedia again (*patient sigh*)." But read it anyway! It's really excellent.
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Cross-posted to the _joeychandler community:

You *have* to believe I didn't see this episode before I wrote "Not Kissing Joey"!!!!

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I know, I told the folks at REVELcon that I wasn't going to be writing any stories in the Friends universe. Looks like I was wrong. I've been writing so little lately, that when something jumped into my head and wouldn't leave until I wrote it down, there was no way I was going to refuse.

Title: Not Kissing Joey
Author Amedia
Fandom: Friends
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Joey/Chandler
Rating: PG-13 for detailed kissing lessons
Summary: Chandler is not kissing Joey.
Archived: (in the next day or two)
Permission to archive elsewhere: Please ask first
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