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I have a new post up at [ profile] fandom_grammar on dangling modifiers. I got some awesome behind-the-scenes help from my fellow grammarians and a stack of resources from TODS, including the splendid Transitive Vampire.
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Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] melayneseahawk:

The Grammarians of [ profile] fandom_grammar need your help! We're running low on reader-provided questions.

Got a pet peeve you want the masses educated about? We can help!

Curious about a topic, but don't want us to use your name? We answer questions anonymously!

Go here to submit your questions. Share the love and pimp the comm.

May the Grammar be with you!
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[shamelessly stolen from [ profile] blade_girl]

You remember those fics you wrote a loooong time ago, back when you were a mere budding artist instead of the accomplished unpaid professional you are today?

Well, I was wondering if we could sorta... borrow those charming fics of your yesteryear.

See, I'm working with several friends from the Tin Man fandom to create a beta community, and we want to be able to test prospective beta readers to ensure that we are choosing people with really top-notch skills. To accomplish this, we want to give beta candidates a test fic; they'll read and return their feedback to us. And we need as many stories as we can get our hands on for this purpose.

We'll be posting the fic to a separate testing community; the beta candidates will post their feedback in comments, which will be screened until such time as the candidate is accepted. We won't be actively promoting the test comm, but it's definitely going to be visible to anyone who cares to go look at it.

If you have some old stories, I urge you to consider letting us put them to this very worthwhile use. If you prefer, we would leave your name off the fic, but we kinda like the idea of keeping the names on - it demonstrates that everyone had to start raw and unpolished before they reached the heady heights of skilled wordsmithery.

I really hope some of you will be able to help me out! Any fandom is welcome, and the more the merrier; it's hard to find "old" fics in a fandom that's less than four months old. ;) Consider this a way of giving something back to fandom by helping others to raise the overall quality of fanfic writing.

And a thousand thanks for your help!

ETA: If you could see your way clear to pass this along in your own journal, we'd be very grateful. :)
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cross-posted to [ profile] fandom_grammar

Today is National Grammar Day!

Let's not make it a day to complain about poor writing. Let's make it a day to encourage and celebrate good writing!

If you have read a story recently that contained beautiful writing, single out a favorite passage and tell the author how much you enjoyed it. Leave the feedback out in the open where everyone can see it, so that other authors will see that beautiful writing is rewarded, and they'll aspire to write beautifully, too. If the story isn't f-locked, praise it on your LJ and include a link.

Fandom grammarians spend a lot of time pulling weeds, a noble and important work. Let's cultivate the flowers, too!
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I made my first official post on [ profile] fandom_grammar:

w00t! I think it turned out well. I had some fab beta-readers and a good suggestion from TODS (about using "twain"). Many thanks to [ profile] supercheesegirl for turning me on to this community!

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