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If I tell you what it is, you may go "WTF?" and not want to see it, as I almost did, but I did go see it and I'm glad I did! So let me just assure you that it is slashy but not porny, funny, sweet, and adorbs. It's basically a vertical comic strip. Go look!
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Here are the trailers that we saw before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Read more... )
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We went to see the movie last night with a friend from work, his daughter and one of her friends, and we all enjoyed it. I had started rereading the book earlier in the week, and hurried to get through as much as possible, though I didn't quite finish (I finished this morning - I had about 80 pages left). spoilers )
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Last December, IIRC, I began reading this book to brush up in preparation for our trip to France. I used to be fluent in French, so it wasn't a hard read, but I still read French more slowly than English, and I'm ashamed to admit I had to look a few words up. I kept reading it after we got back, but then I fell head-over-heels into a new fandom and the time that I used to spend reading novels, I've been spending reading fanfic (and writing it, yay!). But I kept plugging away and finished sometime last week.

It was fun! Easier than the Latin, and a great refresher.

My absolute favorite name-translation was the Sorting Hat. In Latin it was the Petasus Distribuens. In French - are you ready? - it's the CHOIXPEAU. (Choix, meaning "choice," blended into chapeau, meaning "hat.") Genius!!!!

My favorite sentence was from Ron's discussion of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - if you know French, try reading this aloud:

George dit qu'un jour il en a eu un au sang de gobelin. (p. 106) The string of syllables after il and before sang is fun to say!
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Il y a personne ici avec Harry Potter en francais? Une amie m'a demande comment dit-on "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" en francais et je n'ai aucune idee.
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ETA: Got it!

I'm in the middle of listening to Stephen Fry reading Chamber of Secrets and I have LOST disc #6!!!!

I remember at least one time when the cat knocked the set over and all the discs fell out, but I thought I had retrieved them all... apparently I missed one! It's probably around here somewhere... groan...

Is there anywhere I could download it? Does anyone have pirated backup copies of the audio discs posted somewhere?
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This message appeared on the lordpeter listserv (for fans of the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series):

A woman named Cassandra Driver is doing a study of adult readers of
Harry Potter books, and is looking for people to complete an online
survey for her. It will take between 15 and 45 minutes
to complete. So far she's received more than 300 responses but mostly
from Canadian readers. The survey will be posted until this Friday,
9 December, and we're hoping to get some
more diverse respondents before we take it down. It's available at

I went and participated - it was fun!
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My big sister got me Harry Potter in Ancient Greek for Christmas! Woo hoo!

(Received lots of other nice pressies and had a mellow low-key time with the hubby and kiddo. Missed being able to visit folks, but had many nice phone conversations throughout the day.)
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I'm not into a lot of HP fanac (I love the books, just don't feel an inclination to write) but a good number of my flist are - [ profile] keikokin, [ profile] gblvr, [ profile] pocketwitch, and [ profile] littlewings04 come to mind offhand, and I'm sure there are others - and I wanted an icon to use when chatting HP with them. Plus I am very very tickled to have gotten myself a copy of Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. Hence, a new icon!
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[ profile] keikokin, whom I pimped into slash, has just won two awards over at The Silver Snitch.

I am so proud!
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OMG! My friend Keikokin is just getting better and better. Here's a line from one of her recent stories:

Everyone was watching Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy having a nice, civil, little chat. Somewhere a flock of pigs were sure to be flying over Norway.

Here's the URL if you want to check them out:
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First of all, the icon was inspired by the same episode ("Secret Island") of 77 Sunset Strip that inspired an earlier post on the general theme of "slash is everywhere." Plus the picture was just too pretty to resist.

Second, a dear friend of mine, Keikokin, has begun writing copious and delightful Harry/Draco stories. ETA: They can be found here: Hubby and I were away earlier this week and she kindly gave our son a ride to and from school. Now, he knows what slash is and he's read the Very Secret Diaries, but I was still surprised to learn that not only did my friend tell him she was writing Harry/Draco, but he thought it was great and has been GIVING HER STORY SUGGESTIONS! Engorgement charms gone awry, magically invisible underwear... my innocent darling!

What could a mother do??? What else! He hadn't read any actual stories yet - so I gave him a copy of In Flamingo Delicto, the story I wrote for the ZebraCon writing contest. ) He pronounced it "demented," which if I understand him correctly is high praise indeed. :-)

I have often seen discussed the question of the correct age to introduce one's children to slash. In this case, it was seventeen and a half. This is not, however, intended to reflect in any way on other people's decisions about their own children, all of whom mature differently with respect to different issues.
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[ profile] pocketwitch has a new HP story up! Snape/Remus, with that wry humor at which Jess truly excels. Go read!

If He Tries Anything
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The con report, at last! In honor of its overall Rattiness (i.e., emphasis on Rat Patrol fandom), and to celebrate my new paid-account status, I have added a new icon of my favorite RP character. *happy sigh*

MW*C 23: A Very Ratty Convention )

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