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I haven't made a Gratuitous Icon Post in so long, I had almost forgotten what it stood for!

Now that I've already made a bunch of posts about songvids, I finally got around to making a suitable icon! :-) It's an homage to the older vids that I've been digitizing, hence the stopwatch, VCR, and cascading pile of tapes. Here's to many future uses!


Dec. 24th, 2012 11:37 am
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Because "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" always reminds me of Person of Interest now!
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TODS has added a keyword search for "Sherlock" to the TiVo to catch any Holmes-related shows that may pop up. For several weeks in a row it kept bringing up an episode of Phineas and Ferb, which we ignored because we were unfamiliar with the series.

Then one day [ profile] metherion asks whether we have ever watched this great show called Phineas and Ferb, so we watched an episode with him and learned that it is basically a show about [ profile] metherion at six years old, if there had been two of him and they had had access to power tools. It really is very amusing. So we went ahead and recorded the Sherlock Holmes episode, in which the boys' older sister Candace uses Holmes' methods to try to find out what her pesky siblings are up to.

There's a very nice tribute to the Sacred Canon, as Candace and her best friend, visiting Candace's British grandparents, are bored because there's nothing to do. The grandmother invites them to read Sherlock Holmes books, which they initially pooh-pooh ("Aren't books what people did before they invented fun?") but reluctantly try ... and stay up all night enthusiastically reading the entire collection!

And now there is an icon.
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I was lucky enough to win an auction on [ profile] help_haiti, where [ profile] naturalbluicons had offered five icons of the winner's choice.

I know blu likes working with Disney images, and as much as I love Alice in Wonderland in all its myriad forms, I didn't have any icons from the Disney version of Alice.

Now I have FIVE!!!!!!! click to see! )
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Thanks to [ profile] st_crispins for the new Christmas ball icons (she also made me an Azkadellia)!

And thanks to [ profile] naturalbluicons, [ profile] maubast, [ profile] archon_mentha, [ profile] lionille, [ profile] st_crispins, and [ profile] moony_blues,for the snowflake cookies!!!!! *munches happily*

And thanks to [ profile] gblvr for the Santa Cthuluclaus!
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I've entered some more icon challenges ...
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I noticed a couple of things while I was putting together my responses to the icon meme.

The question:

The first Tin Man icon that I made for myself had the keyword "Glitch" and looked like this:

When I was going through my icons for the meme I noticed that it had been replaced by this image:


Moreover, I couldn't simply reupload the old icon to the keyword "Glitch" - it would tell me the icon was successfully uploaded, but the new one was still there with that keyword and the number of icons had not changed. (Normally the more recent upload would appear with the keyword and the earlier one would still be there but with "pic #xxxxxxx" instead of the keyword.) I tried changing the new one's keyword but it wouldn't change. I uploaded the old one to a new keyword and when the dust cleared, the new one was there under the new keyword! Finally I just deleted the new one - I was pleasantly surprised that it worked - and had no difficulty uploading the old one to its original keyword.

What on earth was that all about? Is this some kind of nuisance hack going around?

and an observation )

Icon P.S.

Nov. 29th, 2008 10:47 am
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I forgot I had another crossover icon - Tin Man with text from Alice in Wonderland:

a few more strays )
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[ profile] gblvr made this for me when I first got onto LJ. You can probably guess my major fandom at the time.



The movie meme, plus recent discussions with some of my Tin Man peeps reminded me of one of my favorite movies EVAR and I just had to make an icon. Actually, four.

more )
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The current theme at [ profile] tinman_stills is Cain, and there have been some gorgeous icons submitted. They never seem to get enough votes over there, and you don't have to be a member to vote - y'all go!
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Here's a gankable version of my Tin Man Star Confetti icon, in case anyone wants it!

direct link:

The coloring is in a slightly different pattern than the one I use; the base is the same.

If you'd rather have the base and do your own coloring, here it is:

direct link:

Comments are love!
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I've been submitting Tin Man icons to contests for a little while now, but the competition out there is brilliant! It's been a while since I won anything.

Challenge 28, "Home Video," at [ profile] tinman_stills just inspired me - it was an awfully clever prompt and fun to play around with. It also happened to coincide with my determination to learn Photoshop. So I submitted some icons, made chiefly with Photoshop this time, and I thought I might just have a chance ...

banners! )
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Whatever the technical issues may be, it looks like, if I decouple the Heisenberg compensators open the icons in Photoshop, save them, and re-upload them, they come out all right.

Case in point - the icon above.

Here's what it looked like before:

Can y'all verify that it looks okay now?
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Given that Internet Explorer is Evil, and Mozilla Firefox is Good, why do my icons look like crap in Firefox? Do they look that crappy to everyone who uses Firefox, and you guys are just too nice to tell me?

the horror, let me show you it )


Jun. 12th, 2008 08:54 pm
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Please feel free to take - comment & credit requested.

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OMG squee

May. 28th, 2008 10:40 pm
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I won third place and best text in the roborents challenge on [ profile] tinman_icontest! Eeee!
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I haven't gotten as far as Photoshop yet, but my new scanner came with a more sophisticated program than my old one and I've been playing with the features. So does this look like a tangle of neon string, or is it recognizably human?
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I still need to write about Paprika, so consider this a placeholder. During the past week we watched Wizard of Oz and A Touch of Spice (Politiki Kouzina). More on them when I have a few minutes!

Sound of Music was on TV last week and we watched bits of it here and there. And I realized, watching the scene outside the gazebo, just before "Something Good," that Maria and the Captain are SLASHY as all get-out. I don't mean that either of them is androgynous! I mean that they have this wonderful conversation in which neither of them wants to admit to being desperately in love with the other, so they're doing this kind of tentative dance of saying as little as possible while learning as much as possible. We even get the "last-ones-to-know" element, as it's clear the Baroness figures things out long before they do.

But it's still not as good as the elderly nuns confessing to having sabotaged the Nazi cars. Hee hee!

[GIP: Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, here's Calatoria Themis of SPQR Blues as the Wicked Witch.]
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I changed my default icon!

I haven't changed it since [ profile] gblvr made it for me and I adopted it, when I first got on LJ. I was heavily into Legolas/Gimli at the time, so it was frequently appropriate. I hardly ever use it any more because I've moved on to other fandoms (butterfly that I am), and if I don't remember to change it, it sometimes looks out of place with whatever the discussion is.

So I stared at my icons page for a while - Tin Man? Good Eats? UFO? - and finally settled on a fractal icon, which shouldn't look out of place anywhere, unless the colors clash. ;-)

Thank you, [ profile] gblvr, for years of fabulosity!

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