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Thanks to [ profile] st_crispins for the new Christmas ball icons (she also made me an Azkadellia)!

And thanks to [ profile] naturalbluicons, [ profile] maubast, [ profile] archon_mentha, [ profile] lionille, [ profile] st_crispins, and [ profile] moony_blues,for the snowflake cookies!!!!! *munches happily*

And thanks to [ profile] gblvr for the Santa Cthuluclaus!
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I've entered some more icon challenges ...
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Icon P.S.

Nov. 29th, 2008 10:47 am
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I forgot I had another crossover icon - Tin Man with text from Alice in Wonderland:

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[ profile] gblvr made this for me when I first got onto LJ. You can probably guess my major fandom at the time.



The movie meme, plus recent discussions with some of my Tin Man peeps reminded me of one of my favorite movies EVAR and I just had to make an icon. Actually, four.

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Here's a gankable version of my Tin Man Star Confetti icon, in case anyone wants it!

direct link:

The coloring is in a slightly different pattern than the one I use; the base is the same.

If you'd rather have the base and do your own coloring, here it is:

direct link:

Comments are love!
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I've been submitting Tin Man icons to contests for a little while now, but the competition out there is brilliant! It's been a while since I won anything.

Challenge 28, "Home Video," at [ profile] tinman_stills just inspired me - it was an awfully clever prompt and fun to play around with. It also happened to coincide with my determination to learn Photoshop. So I submitted some icons, made chiefly with Photoshop this time, and I thought I might just have a chance ...

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