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TODS has added a keyword search for "Sherlock" to the TiVo to catch any Holmes-related shows that may pop up. For several weeks in a row it kept bringing up an episode of Phineas and Ferb, which we ignored because we were unfamiliar with the series.

Then one day [ profile] metherion asks whether we have ever watched this great show called Phineas and Ferb, so we watched an episode with him and learned that it is basically a show about [ profile] metherion at six years old, if there had been two of him and they had had access to power tools. It really is very amusing. So we went ahead and recorded the Sherlock Holmes episode, in which the boys' older sister Candace uses Holmes' methods to try to find out what her pesky siblings are up to.

There's a very nice tribute to the Sacred Canon, as Candace and her best friend, visiting Candace's British grandparents, are bored because there's nothing to do. The grandmother invites them to read Sherlock Holmes books, which they initially pooh-pooh ("Aren't books what people did before they invented fun?") but reluctantly try ... and stay up all night enthusiastically reading the entire collection!

And now there is an icon.
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ETA: Got it! I was trying to explain the problem to [ profile] metherion and he said, "But Mom, if I can see your SharedDocs folder on my computer and drag things out of it, why can't I just drag things *into* it and have them show up on your computer?" Holy cow. It worked!

Ever since [ profile] metherion pimped hubby and me into House, we've been watching the first season twice a week in a placid sort of way. Then the schedule-to-come showed that the station showing them was going to skip a bunch, so [ profile] metherion used my flash drive to transport an ep to my computer, I burned it to a DVD and we watched it. Then we watched another one, and hit the Vogler arc, and now we can't transport them fast enough! Metherion sneakernetted five more eps today and I burned a nice long DVD, but we *watched* three eps tonight, because we are hooked on House like House on Vicodin.

Why so low-tech, you may ask? After all, metherion logs onto the Intarweb through our home wireless network. If I could pull the eps onto my computer directly from his, it would be House Heaven! Well, I spent part of an afternoon futzing with my (Windows XP) 'puter and his (PowerBook G4, i.e., Mac) laptop, and HE can now download whatever I want to put into my SharedDocs folder... but *I* can't get into HIS computer, which was the whole point!

He has all the right doodads clicked under Network Sharing and his default workgroup has been renamed to the name of our home network, etc., etc., etc... I can SEE his computer on "View Workgroup Computers" where it shows up as "metherions-computer.local" but when I double-click on it, I get asked for a frickin' username and password.

WHAT username and password?!!! I tried the one he uses to make system changes on his computer, but that's not what it wants. I don't HAVE a username and password on this 'puter, nor did I set one up for the wireless network (yeah, I know, bad geek, no donut). I tried the standard username and password for my router to no effect.

I've been googling for quite a while but I can't seem to find the right information. Help!
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[ profile] metherion needed some long plain tunics for an upcoming LARP get-together, and I agreed to make him some, not without some apprehension.

I did quite a bit of sewing before we moved, but what with one thing and another I hadn't unpacked the sewing machine since we got here - almost two years ago. Emrys and I went through the two boxes of miscellaneous fabric that I have accumulated over the years and found something like ten yards each of red and turquoise cotton (I'm still wtf-ing over that, but I think I may have picked it up at a yard sale). I laid out the cutting mat on the dining room table, found the rotary cutters (the best invention since plastic-headed pins IMNSHO), set up the ironing board, and got to work.

The hardest part is that I couldn't find my patterns, but Emrys had learned from his buddies that you can make a very easy sleeveless tunic out of a big ol' rectangle and I quickly found that he was right. The sewing machine creaked and whined a bit, much to Pom's fascination, but worked! I've got one red sleeveless knee-length tunic made (and he tried it on and it fits) and enough fabric for several more, and they'll be a whiz now that I know what I'm doing.

I'm feeling ridiculously happy and accomplished right now. :-)
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OK, I still think [ profile] settiai somehow infected [ profile] metherion with her mad hypnotik skilz long-distance, whereupon he downloaded all available episodes to his laptop and watched them over and over. Then he came home from college and coaxed his dad to TiVo the pilot, which we just watched tonight.

OMG. I haven't had this much fun watching an actual current running show since the first couple seasons of West Wing. As soon as it was over hubby looked up all the upcoming episodes and told the TiVo to record them (being him, he'll want to watch them all in order). He's hooked too.

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Slightly edited to remove identifying information, this is a letter I just sent Quizno's. Please feel free to pass this around!

I am writing to inform you of my extreme disappointment in the way your store recently deceived my son and a number of other college students.

Coupons were distributed at my son's university advertising a free dinner at the local Quizno's in exchange for participating in a promotion. Upon arriving at the restaurant this evening, my son was informed that the "promotion" entailed filling out a credit card application and that he would not receive his free meal unless he signed the application.

Fortunately, we raised him better than that; he was not willing to mortgage his future for a sandwich. He left hungry and resentful, and will never patronize that establishment again. He called to tell his father and me what happened, and we are furious.

Apparently now that colleges are cracking down on the unethical practices of credit card companies who prey upon college students, your company has decided to aid and abet their predatory activities by soliciting students for them under false pretenses.

As a result of this irresponsible and deceptive act, I will no longer be patronizing my local Quizno's. You can be sure that I will also spread the word to other parents so that their children are not similarly victimized.
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First of all, the icon was inspired by the same episode ("Secret Island") of 77 Sunset Strip that inspired an earlier post on the general theme of "slash is everywhere." Plus the picture was just too pretty to resist.

Second, a dear friend of mine, Keikokin, has begun writing copious and delightful Harry/Draco stories. ETA: They can be found here: Hubby and I were away earlier this week and she kindly gave our son a ride to and from school. Now, he knows what slash is and he's read the Very Secret Diaries, but I was still surprised to learn that not only did my friend tell him she was writing Harry/Draco, but he thought it was great and has been GIVING HER STORY SUGGESTIONS! Engorgement charms gone awry, magically invisible underwear... my innocent darling!

What could a mother do??? What else! He hadn't read any actual stories yet - so I gave him a copy of In Flamingo Delicto, the story I wrote for the ZebraCon writing contest. ) He pronounced it "demented," which if I understand him correctly is high praise indeed. :-)

I have often seen discussed the question of the correct age to introduce one's children to slash. In this case, it was seventeen and a half. This is not, however, intended to reflect in any way on other people's decisions about their own children, all of whom mature differently with respect to different issues.

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