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I was a bit concerned when we got The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother in the mail from Netflix last December. I loved it to itty bitty pieces when it came out, at which point I was 13 or 14 years old. At the same time, I also adored a short-lived television series entitled Fantastic Journey, which died a sadly-deserved death after just a few episodes. I watched it again as an adult (back when SciFi was doing reruns of short-run shows) and was horrified by how really really, atrociously bad it was. I was afraid the same would be the case of my beloved movie.

I needn't have worried!Read more... )
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We rewatched Conan the Barbarian recently (we had both seen it on TV, but not ever sat down and watched the whole theatrical release), which is just such a quintessential popcorn sword-and-sandals movie, we both really enjoyed seeing it again. I really dug Sandahl Bergman as Valeria, and we went looking for her other movies (we have Red Sonja, which we've also already seen a long time ago, but I'm sure we're rewatch that one soon as well).

We got Hell Comes to Frogtown on DVD from Netflix. It's a cheesy post-apocalyptic movie about one of the last remaining fertile men on Earth who goes on a special government mission - wow, that actually sounds better than it was. It was hilariously bad, as we expected. Sandahl Bergman gets to fight AND dance, both of which she's very, very good at, and she doesn't have to act too much.

She, which we did as an Instant Watch from Netflix on the TiVo, was absolutely insane. This was a post-apocalyptic movie on LSD. I loved the bad guys who were dressed as Roman generals, or ninjas, or knights, or harlequins, or bizarre mixtures of all of the above. I loved the sense, in general, that people who were children or babies when the bomb dropped were trying to reconstruct a society they didn't really remember. The interlude with the mad scientist dressed like Mozart and his burly tutu-clad assistant was gloriously surreal. I adored Sandahl Bergman as the barbarian goddess - there was one scene I especially liked but it's very spoilery so I'll just say, she was great. The movie didn't so much end as stop, with more of a whimper than a bang, but it was a heck of a ride!
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There were some parts of this movie that I liked extremely well, and others that I didn't - overall, I would still say that I enjoyed it quite a lot despite the flaws. Some curious feminist issues going on. (SPOILER ALERT)here be spoilers )
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We got this on DVD from Netflix in August.

Very enjoyable crime caper movie from the early 1960's. I especially enjoyed Melina Mercouri's performance as the roguish jewel thief. The lovable rogue is such a hard character to pull off - anyone remember ST:TNG's "Outrageous Okona"? (*cringe*) She nailed it - AND she was also very sexy as a woman of a certain age - she was in her mid-40s back when people in their mid-40s actually looked like it. Gorgeous Greek and Turkish scenery and some highly entertaining plot twists.
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Somewhere or other we acquired a boxed set of 50 "classic" sci-fi movies on DVD. We figured it was a treasure trove of really bad movies, and we were right! Laser Mission is actually one of the more recent flicks included, but oh, it's BAD. It's also fun - it's the kind of bad movie that's good with popcorn and laughter.

The hero and heroine were pretty annoying. Brandon Lee didn't get to fight enough or in enough different ways (he got to use one type of kick over and over), and Debi Monahan's character, also supposed to be a good fighter, sadly overlooked a devastating opportunity to use a stiletto heel against a bad guy. The rest of the cast were obviously having a lot of fun, especially the real bad guys and the comic-relief sorta-bad-guys. Most of the film looks very low budget, but they have some gorgeous desert scenery from somewhere and a lot of great explosions.
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Spectacularly bad movie from 1967 that looks a bit like Time Tunnel except with a much, much smaller budget. I mean, the tape reels on the computers in the background don't even go around! It starred Anthony Eisley, whom we liked in Hawaiian Eye, and some other people who needed a paycheck (but probably not a very big one).

We picked this up at a thrift shop, so we don't feel bad; the money went to the local women's shelter.

It would have been more fun if it hadn't been so slow-moving, but on the whole I've spent a worse 83 minutes. Mostly at the dentist.
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TODS was away at a conference last weekend so I picked a movie to watch that he wouldn't mind missing. Strangely enough, he did not grow up watching Josie and the Pussycats every Saturday morning during middle school like I did! So that was the movie I watched.

It was very cute. And Alan Cumming played a delightful villain who was named, of all things, Wyatt.* My ability to screencap died after just a couple (I *really* need to get the DVD drive fixed on this computer), but here's what I managed to grab, along with some comments on the movie! Read more... )

*Note to my very patient non-Tin-Man-familiar friends: Wyatt is the name given to the Tin Man in the miniseries of the same name; Alan Cumming plays the Scarecrow. You may have noticed that I have a predilection for fanfic involving the two.
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One reviewer called this a "joyless slog" and that was perfectly apt. It was long, dark (I mean, physically dark most of the time), and boring. The 3-D was ho-hum. I didn't think it would bear much resemblance to the original myth, which is good, because it bore virtually none, but I did think it would be a fun adventure romp, and it wasn't. The best thing about it was that we saw it with friends and got to dish together about how bad it was afterward.

We got five previews: The A-Team, Iron Man 2, Furry Vengeance, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Losers.
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Free from Jaman.

Blame it on Fidel: Meh.
Love Songs: The French title (Paroles et Musique, Words and Music) was better; the Jaman description made it sound like it was chiefly about the affair between the characters played by Catherine Deneuve and Christopher Lambert, but that was only part of it; it was really about two rock performers (one who writes words, one who writes music) and their various relationships with others and each other. It was Canadian; the French bits were subtitled in English and vice-versa. Not bad.
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A really weird movie that we got free from Jaman, starring a young and frequently naked Gerard Depardieu and a charming Marcello Mastroianni. It's engagingly eccentric for the first two-thirds or so, then gets dismal and sad, including a scene I really wish I hadn't seen, then picks up again at the end, which I wouldn't call happy, but it is certainly fitting and even thoughtful.
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Remember that scene in Sleepless in Seattle where the heroine and her friend are watching Affair to Remember and sobbing? Neither of those movies (Sleepless in Seattle or Affair to Remember) made me cry, but this one - Up - did. Twice. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it a great deal!
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Pusher 3: an unsatisfying departure from the previous two (in which horrible things happened, quite deservedly, to horrible people); in this one, the horrible person is saved from experiencing horrible things by undeserved competent assistance from an old friend. Note: extremely graphic scenes near the end to the point of delving into cheap horror-film cliches.

El Camino: three friends on a road trip to Mexico to scatter the ashes of a mutual friend. Contained interesting perspectives on three young lives, but ultimately was a bit heavy on the symbolism.

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