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Thoughts about the 11th book in the Aubrey-Maturin series, which I just finished rereading earlier today. VERY SPOILERY! Do not click if you haven't read the book; this will spoil the finest moment in the entire series (IMHO). You have been warned! )
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So we're at church for Easter and the young priest is taking the censer around to swing it in the general direction of the people, releasing a rather modest amount of incense fumes. Hubby, who has been the censer-swinger himself in days gone by, recognizes immediately what's going on and bows (half the people around us don't know what to do and are imitating him).

After the priest goes by, hubby grins at me. "Do you know how I knew what to do?" Before I can answer, he says with a gleam in his eye...

"I smoked it!"
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We're at church this morning and the priest is telling us about St. Augustine - the reading that inspired St. Aug. to turn from his worldly ways was the second reading today. So Father is going on about how St. Augustine used to be all about the pleasures of the flesh - fine food, fine clothes, mistresses - and I leaned over and whispered to my husband, "He was not a practicing saint at the time." Hubby had to work very hard to keep a straight face. :-)

(It's a line from one of the Aubrey-Maturin books - the one in which Jack learns that he has a natural son by a long-ago girlfriend. Stephen tells him that St. Augustine also fathered a son out-of-wedlock, which elates Jack so much that Stephen has to remind him gently "Of course, he was not a practicing saint at the time.")
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I finally finished Blue at the Mizzen, the 20th book in the Aubrey-Maturin series. Waaaah! When I started, I was awed by how much I had to read... now I wish I had as much again!

So what to read next? I pondered. I read The Golden Compass some years ago when it first came out. Bought the next book, but didn't read it, because I'd heard it stopped rather than ended, and I wanted to wait for the third. Now I've got all three, so I'm rereading the first one again. Fascinating and disturbing - I'm enjoying this thoroughly.

But I miss Jack and Stephen.
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Have rec'd this here and there on comments pages; thought I'd better rec it out in the open:

Aubrey-Maturin, Gen, but gorgeous, heart-aching, relationship-driven, exquisitely written... oh, just go read it already!
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Have been perusing the unaptly-named "Flowing Sheet" archive of gen Aubrey-Maturin fic, and this story struck me very funny:

It isn't simply the absurdity that makes it funny; it's the very O'Brian-ish way it's told. It's short, too.

Oh, and speaking of short, this one's definitely got the very soul of wit:

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Those who are looking for the Aubrey-Maturin books or other related items, check out:

Great prices and service, and it's a small independent bookseller. Which it's very important to support!
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Now that I've seen and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I'm now embarking on the project of reading all the books straight through in order, having previously read bits and pieces and had other bits and pieces read or reported to me.

Given that I have twenty books to read, I don't really need fanfic yet, but since when has that ever stopped me?

Here's a link to the first piece of Aubrey-Maturin fanfic I ever read, back in 1997. It's not slash, but nonetheless has considerable emotional intensity:

And here's a piece I read very recently, which occupies a lovely position somewhere between slashy and slashable:

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