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That is, for my fellow Rat Patrol fans--my homerats, as it were. Which almost rhymes with mome raths, which makes me think of Jabberwocky, so it's all good.

Anyway, I managed to catch two of the Rats - Lawrence Casey and Christopher George - basically, the two who are NOT in the icon - on Love Boat, and made screen caps, and here they are!
Hitch on Love Boat
Troy on Love Boat

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I read four pleasure books from October through December 2012, which really isn't very many, especially since I read three of them on airplanes. Read more... )
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So I'm finally putting stuff up on AO3! Old stuff - nothing new to see, move along. :-)

I've put up all of my Rat Patrol and Barney Miller stuff - basically anything that has a Dietrich in it - and I'll be gradually putting other stuff up as well. The Amedia account there will essentially mirror my site on, but may give the fic a little more exposure and also provide a backup when is down for maintenance.

ETA I'm I thought I was the first person there ever to post Barney Miller fic. Hope I'm not the last! Yay! There's MORE! (see settiai's link below).[End ETA]

I dithered a bit and decided to add a "warning: offensive language" tag to "On and Off" in case the language used by the gay-bashers might bother people. I think the language itself is appropriate to the context, but if someone doesn't feel like reading it they shouldn't have to.

It's a nice interface, easy to use, although it's incredibly slow - is that always the case, or did I pick an especially busy weekend to start using it? I hardly feel I have the right to complain, given that all this wonderfulness is free, and I can use the time while I'm waiting for pages to load to sort laundry play sudoku.
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Title: Walking a Fine Line
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Rating: G
Characters: Troy, Hitch, OC. Gen.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Mirisch-Rich and United Artists. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Canonically, the Army tried to make Troy an officer, but the show never told us how he got out of it! This ficlet offers a possible scenario.
Word Count: 456
Author's Note: Response to [ profile] mrlnpndrgn's trivia question drabble request: the prompt she provided was "The Rat Patrol : when Troy says to Moffit, about Troy not being an officer, 'Oh, they tried...'" It was supposed to be a drabble (100 words), so I hope you don't mind that it spilled over!

Walking a Fine Line )
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[ profile] gblvr made this for me when I first got onto LJ. You can probably guess my major fandom at the time.



The movie meme, plus recent discussions with some of my Tin Man peeps reminded me of one of my favorite movies EVAR and I just had to make an icon. Actually, four.

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[ profile] rh_andi wrote a Rat Patrol ficlet for me! And it's *delightful*. And very Moffitt-y (she knows what I like!). You can find it here - Enjoy!!!!
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Story Title: Desert Tea
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Rating: G
Characters/Ship: Hitch and the other Rats. Gen.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Mirisch-Rich and United Artists. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Hitch is in a bad way. Moffitt has an idea.
Word Count: 824
Author's Note: Response to [ profile] rh_andi's drabble request at - she asked for Rat Patrol, and I know she loves Hitch.
Thanks to TODS for helping me with a story idea! (Hitch's dream was his idea; I built on it!)
This story may be set after any episode in which Hitch is wounded and isn't treated during the course of the episode; since he is the Rat Patrol's designated pincushion, that narrows it down to about half-a-dozen. (I'm thinking maybe "Pipeline to Disaster" – isn't that the one where no one notices that Hitch has been shot until he collapses and falls out of the jeep?)

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Bucking the long history of Rat Patrol fanfic as being primarily available in fanzines, I have posted my Rat Patrol slash fanfic online! It's on my fanfic website at

I'm especially excited about this because Safari gave me permission to scan and include her wonderful illoes as well. [ profile] meritahut, who is an awesome artist in her own right, helped me figure out how to format them correctly for the web.

The Moffitt/Troy stories from DIVERSE DOINGS, Guests of the Sheik and Grappling with Issues have the wonderful illoes that Safari did for the zine.

Her illustrations for the first Moffitt/Dietrich story, Raids End in Lovers' Meetings, have never been published before, and they're amazing. The second one is one of my favorite pieces of Rat Patrol artwork ever.

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Just finished watching a heartachingly well-done PBS special called "Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain." A number of scholars were interviewed, and one of them struck me. Am I obsessed, or does this guy look like Moffitt might have, about ten or fifteen years after the series?

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Ratties, go quick and check out:

It's Moffitt! It's teh sexay! Go look!

[somewhat more calmly: And I may also say it has artistic merit. Thank you.]
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I was on three panels, plus attended a fourth.

My absolute favorite had to be the Sunday morning panel with Lorelei, Anita, Linda, and Glenda on "Coming out as a Slash Fan." Basically we all just swapped stories, some from the panelists, some from the audience, on our experiences - voluntary and involuntary - when people found out we're slashers. I shared the story of my son's recent introduction to slash (one of my friends told him about some Harry/Draco stories she was writing - instead of going, "eww" he began giving her story suggestions). One of our audience members told a great story about how her mom found out one day by walking in and catching a glimpse of what was on the computer monitor, but didn't seem altogether upset. Some time later, the audience member's *sister* spotted one of her zines and was horrified. She took the zine to their mom, slammed it down in front of her and said, "Do you know what your daughter is reading?!!!" The mom looked up calmly and said, "And your point is?"

Indeed, a common theme among the stories was that people are often not as shocked as we expect them to be.

I went with Lorelei to her panel on "New *Old* Fandoms" - that is, recently-developed fandoms centered on shows that have been around a while. Westerns seem to be developing young fandoms, apparently because the Hallmark Channel has their Rough and Ready Saturdays where they show many classic Westerns.

The panel was subtitled "Can you say Rat Patrol?" but we didn't actually spend too much time on RP, which was very restrained of us given that Lorelei and Linda were on the panel and Carol and I were in the audience (all of us Ratties to the max). I did bring up RP at the dead dog panel, which I caught about the last half of. Jan Meeks, who ran programming, was asking what panels we wanted to see next year. We talked about hot fandoms that were underrepresented this year because they were unexpected; I mentioned Master & Commander and Pirates of the Caribbean as present hot fandoms. So what will be the big hot fandom next year? Jan wondered. "Rat Patrol!" I said. "Get over yourself," she scolded, but in a fond way. I believe she's planning to leave some slots open for unpredicted hot fandoms/topics.

I also participated on a panel Friday afternoon called "The Great, the Bad, and The Ridiculous," which was about blogs. Anita, Kaytee, and Elf were on it as well. The subtitle was: "Live Journals: Why do people read and/or write them?" but we actually spent a good chunk of time simply explaining what they are and how they work; very few people at the convention were familiar with them.

Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed the "No Holes Barred" panel, in which Annie, Beth, Candy, Jan, and I tried to explain why we slash. Beth's explanation was my favorite: "Because it's fun!" Jan asked us what we thought of a new theory she'd read recently, that said women are taught to be ashamed of their own bodies and thus write slash because they can take pleasure in men's bodies but not their own, which rules out writing het. I said that I didn't disagree with the premise (i.e., our society does encourage women to be ashamed of their bodies), but I didn't like the way it was used to support the conclusion, which implied that if women did love their own bodies, they wouldn't write slash; in general I dislike the pathologizing approaches that start from the assumption that we write slash because there's something wrong with us. I much prefer Beth's explanation - that we do it because it's fun! - and we'd do it no matter how we felt about ourselves/women in general.

There's more to recall, but my glittery fingers are getting tired and I'll have to finish another time! (They're not sparkly bronze anymore, btw; I painted them black and them frosted them with silver glitter because I had a ninja belt test tonight and I thought perhaps having ninja nail polish would help me get in the mood. I got my new belt, so perhaps it helped!)
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The con report, at last! In honor of its overall Rattiness (i.e., emphasis on Rat Patrol fandom), and to celebrate my new paid-account status, I have added a new icon of my favorite RP character. *happy sigh*

MW*C 23: A Very Ratty Convention )
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REVELcon 2003 - quickie con report by AmediaRead more... )

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