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Here's my write-up of the vid show at ConneXions 2017--25 vids' worth of slashy goodness! It's not friendslocked--feel free to share within fandom.

Some initial comments! I will happily sit and watch music videos in fandoms I don't follow, but I can't really review them. For this report, I'll try to say at least something about the vids where I have some limited knowledge of the source material, but this show had a lot of vids in fandoms I didn't even recognize and can't say anything meaningful about. I'd like to issue a challenge to the viewers who ARE familiar with those shows to step up and reward the vidders' efforts with comments!

Here's a link to where you can find most of the vids: ConneXions 2017 Vid Show Playlist.
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Prompt me!

Nov. 11th, 2013 09:15 pm
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I'm so relieved to be out from under that project! I want to WRITE! At least drabbles. :-)

So give me a prompt and a fandom. I'm in the mood for fluff; gen or slash is fine. Night Vale, Sherlock, Tin Man, Rat Patrol, Barney Miller, any other fandom in which you know I've written. If you're not sure, feel free to ask.
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On the one hand, nekkid French vampire ladies - on the other, Sherlock Holmes! I thought I knew which one I'd like better--but I was wrong!Read more... )
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I was poking around on looking for some more old radio detective shows, when I stumbled across this set of free audio mysteries:

I was going to go ahead and download them based on the description, which I'll copy below, and then I read the comments and learned that they are read by Benedict Cumberbatch! Who, according to the comment, does a splendid job. I clicked on the first one and by golly, that's who reads them. So now I'm *definitely* grabbing them!

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This is desperately sad, but written with quiet brilliance, and ultimately . . . it reaffirms the best in human nature. The Great War and the influenza epidemic do not leave Holmes and Watson untouched: After, Ever After by [ profile] rabidsamfan.
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So I was cruising the Person of Interest fic on AO3 and I ran into something unbelievable that made me . . . I think the word is sporfle . . . hysterically.

Let's just say . . . Mycroft Holmes and Harold Finch are related. As that woman in Help! kept saying to Paul, I can say no more. Mycroft's mother/Finch's aunt is one of my favorite fan-created characters evar. I can say no more. They are mildly pre-slashy, but if you don't like slash I don't think there's enough to bother you. I can say no more.

There are two short pieces published in the series so far. My favorite is the second. So far. Meet the Family.
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There were only sixteen songvids at REVELcon this year, but there were a lot of really good ones!
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The fourth and, as of this writing, the last of Roberta Rogow's Charles Dodgson-Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries. I hope she writes more! I didn't love this one quite as much as the others, even though it was set at Oxford and involved Dodgson's photography as an important plot element. I'm not sure why, but some of it had that "must squeeze in all the research" flavor and wound up coming across as forced. It still had enough delightful bits to keep me going through it, and one of the very best opening lines I've seen in a mystery novel in a very long time:

Murder was not a part of the curriculum at any of the individual colleges that made up the University of Oxford.
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(crossposted to [ profile] commonplacebook)

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London has made a number of audio productions available for free on their website, here:

TODS and I listened to several of them on a recent long trip in the car and they were very enjoyable!
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TODS has added a keyword search for "Sherlock" to the TiVo to catch any Holmes-related shows that may pop up. For several weeks in a row it kept bringing up an episode of Phineas and Ferb, which we ignored because we were unfamiliar with the series.

Then one day [ profile] metherion asks whether we have ever watched this great show called Phineas and Ferb, so we watched an episode with him and learned that it is basically a show about [ profile] metherion at six years old, if there had been two of him and they had had access to power tools. It really is very amusing. So we went ahead and recorded the Sherlock Holmes episode, in which the boys' older sister Candace uses Holmes' methods to try to find out what her pesky siblings are up to.

There's a very nice tribute to the Sacred Canon, as Candace and her best friend, visiting Candace's British grandparents, are bored because there's nothing to do. The grandmother invites them to read Sherlock Holmes books, which they initially pooh-pooh ("Aren't books what people did before they invented fun?") but reluctantly try ... and stay up all night enthusiastically reading the entire collection!

And now there is an icon.
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I was a bit concerned when we got The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother in the mail from Netflix last December. I loved it to itty bitty pieces when it came out, at which point I was 13 or 14 years old. At the same time, I also adored a short-lived television series entitled Fantastic Journey, which died a sadly-deserved death after just a few episodes. I watched it again as an adult (back when SciFi was doing reruns of short-run shows) and was horrified by how really really, atrociously bad it was. I was afraid the same would be the case of my beloved movie.

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If you have had a bad day and need a good laugh, or if you have had a great day and would like to be even happier - AND you don't mind slash AND you know who Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are -

Go here:
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Like visiting with old friends! :-) I haven't dug my Holmes books out of the garage yet; I read these on the Kindle while we were away.
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A while back I bought some mysteries by Roberta Rogow at MediaWest*Con, and I've finally gotten around to reading them. Fun for fans of Holmes and fans of Alice! )
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Title: Friendsourced (from the blog of John H. Watson)
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 200
Rating: G.
Summary: John asks his friendslist for help with his flatmate.
Author's Note: Response to [ profile] bulleteyes' drabble request: Since he has such a rich timbre to his speaking voice, John suspects Sherlock is a marvelous singer and you get to decide what he does to provoke Sherlock into revealing it.

Friendsourced (from the blog of John H. Watson) )
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Title: Rat-brained Macaque
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 200
Rating: G.
Summary: Sherlock expresses his true opinion of Lestrade.
Author's Note: Response to [ profile] eldritchhobbit's drabble request: I'd like to see Lestrade, just once, get a real compliment or sign of approval from Sherlock. ... This might be direct or in a backhanded fashion, or Lestrade might even find out about it secondhand (via John, for instance, who thinks Lestrade should know).

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Title: Sushi Take-Away
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG-13. Slashy fluff. Mild kink.
Summary: Sherlock thinks he's fully trained. John disagrees. They both win.
Author's Note: Response to [ profile] mellifluous_ink's drabble request for some fluffy kink where Sherlock is John's feline submissive. I was especially inspired by mel's statement that kitties are fun to play with, and pet, and honestly I like the idea of Sherlock's rudeness and destructiveness being a symptom of needing a Dom, and of him calming down once he has that.

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Title: Something Like Shagging
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Word Count: 1995
Rating: PG. Pre-slash. More fluff, including some angsty fluff.
Summary: People with concussions forget things.
Author's Note: This begins the morning after Facts Over Feelings.

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