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For those of you who love Barney Miller and would love to see the slashiest bits again--and most especially, for those of you who are saying, "Wait, Barney Miller was slashy???" Here's a link to download the Harris/Dietrich pimping tape slash recruitment clip compilation:

It may take a while, depending on your Internet speed--it's about 3 gigs.

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So, I have to thank [ profile] eldritchhobbit for suggesting Person of Interest - we've been watching it from the beginning and thoroughly enjoy it. TODS says that Finch is his favorite character on TV these days, and I can certainly see why.

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I was a bit concerned when we got The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother in the mail from Netflix last December. I loved it to itty bitty pieces when it came out, at which point I was 13 or 14 years old. At the same time, I also adored a short-lived television series entitled Fantastic Journey, which died a sadly-deserved death after just a few episodes. I watched it again as an adult (back when SciFi was doing reruns of short-run shows) and was horrified by how really really, atrociously bad it was. I was afraid the same would be the case of my beloved movie.

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There are so many reasons to love the Barney Miller Christmas episodes - we have two of them on tape and always re-watch them this time of year. "Christmas Story" is so heartwarming; Fish's "heh, heh" when he imagines people beating up Santa is a masterpiece of comic timing, and the whole plot with Yemana dating the prostitute is really sweet. (Hey, I didn't say it was *wholesome*!)

And then there's "Toys," which has such a splendidly slashy moment (and it's NOT between Harris and Dietrich, although they get some adorable bickering in). Barney and his estranged wife Liz are going over cancelled checks:

    "What's this one?" Liz asks. "Mariani's for $36?"
    "It's that nice Italian cafe on 23rd street," Barney says. "Dinner for two."
    "Oh," says Liz, significantly.
    "Inspector Luger," Barney confides. "He's had his eye on me for years."

Hee hee!

There's another Christmas episode that I've seen, "Homeless," but I don't have it on tape, and it's not on YouTube. Alas!
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Lifted from [ profile] lionille, here:

List five reasons you believe in teh love! One from each season. You can use pictures, icons, or words. Then tag 5 people.

I'm just going to do four because I want to leave some for everyone else. But these four really grab me!
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This is the animated TV-movie by Rankin-Bass (no relation to the Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings). This one is by the same animators who did The Hobbit, in much the same style and with many of the same voices. They managed to give Glenn Yarborough, that glorious Irish tenor from the Limeliters, three or four songs to sing in snatches periodically, as opposed to The Hobbit in which he simply sang "The Greatest Adventure..." over and over and over and over until I wanted to strangle him. Even so, the Orcs definitely get the best songs. I'd heard good things about "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way," and I can only say, yes, it's a great song!

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Oh, this was SO, so, so, so bad! Just what we were hoping for! Classic badness. Much fun, especially when viewed while consuming escargots and wine. Amanda Donohoe seems to be having the most fun as the incredibly kinky Lady Sylvia.

Much hotness, but no male nudity, alas. Not for the squeamish-in-general, nor for those who are squeamish about icky things happening to Christian imagery, or icky representations of pagan cults. (If the movie took itself anything like seriously, it would be offensive.) Some awesomely psychedelic hallucination/dream sequences, both religious and otherwise. The lord of the manor (Hugh Grant) and the Scottish archaeologist (Peter Capaldi) are very cute together, especially when their girlfriends (they're dating sisters) are offscreen. *wink wink*
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I still need to write about Paprika, so consider this a placeholder. During the past week we watched Wizard of Oz and A Touch of Spice (Politiki Kouzina). More on them when I have a few minutes!

Sound of Music was on TV last week and we watched bits of it here and there. And I realized, watching the scene outside the gazebo, just before "Something Good," that Maria and the Captain are SLASHY as all get-out. I don't mean that either of them is androgynous! I mean that they have this wonderful conversation in which neither of them wants to admit to being desperately in love with the other, so they're doing this kind of tentative dance of saying as little as possible while learning as much as possible. We even get the "last-ones-to-know" element, as it's clear the Baroness figures things out long before they do.

But it's still not as good as the elderly nuns confessing to having sabotaged the Nazi cars. Hee hee!

[GIP: Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, here's Calatoria Themis of SPQR Blues as the Wicked Witch.]

The Alamo

Mar. 25th, 2008 11:25 am
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Thoughts on The Alamo. I suppose they'd be spoilery, but y'all DO know that everybody dies, right? It's like Titanic - everybody knows the big ship is gonna go down at the end.

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I was looking for something else in the garage, which looks quite a lot like the attic of our old house only more so (we've never really finished unpacking) and I stumbled across a paperback copy of The Wizard of Oz. Having just seen and become hopelessly enamored of Tin Man, I thought it would be fun to reread.

Which it was! There's a lot in the book that's not in the 1939 movie (which I've seen more often and more recently than I had read the book before now), and a number of things that are different, and there was a lot that I had forgotten. I remembered, as I read, that Baum had a certain way of enumerating things and organizing them just so and color-coding things that for some reason I really liked as a child - I suppose it satisfied some latent craving for tidiness - and there it was again. I also liked the moment that took place on the way to Glinda's castle, in the place where everyone was made of china, where Dorothy wanted to take the pretty shepherdess home for her mantelpiece, but apologized when the girl said that if she ever left, she would stiffen up and just stand all the time, and she'd rather be alive in her own country - I thought it was a very striking lesson about wanting to objectify people and then learning not to.

I was also very touched by a very slashy and emo touching scene early on, when it appears that they've lost the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman wants to cry but he can't because he knows he will rust. *pets the Tin Woodman*
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Narrator: Edward was excited! He was going to be the back engine for TWO other engines.

Me: James is going to be so jealous.

TODS: [has to rewind because laughing so hard he missed the next couple of lines.]
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Actually I've loved all of [ profile] meritahut's entries in graphic form, but this one is for the few, the proud, the insane: the Harris/Dietrich slashers:

[p.s. this is not her usual drawing style]
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Cross-posted to the _joeychandler community:

You *have* to believe I didn't see this episode before I wrote "Not Kissing Joey"!!!!

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So I'm at a reception last night with colleagues from work. A very classy party with hors d'oeuvres and a professional pianist and everything.

I catch up with my husband after a while and we're chatting with an adorable (and flamboyantly gay) older student, with whom we've been become friends, and my husband says something that startles him, I forget what. He turns to my husband and says, "Fuck me!" as an expression of surprise.

I turn to my husband and say, "You may NOT!" Then I reconsider, smile sweetly at the student, and say, "Unless I can take pictures."

Husband blushes. Student now worships both of us.

And I hadn't even had anything to drink!
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Does anybody else want a copy of the Harris/Dietrich pimping tape? Email me privately with your address at flankingm @ - the original is still sitting in the top bay of the Go-Video, so I may as well run a few more off before I put it away.
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I think most of y'all know that "Amedia" is short for "a media slut," right? As in someone with way too many fandoms who can find slash almost anywhere?

So we're watching 77 Sunset Strip, which is a very very cool show but not usually very slashy because the two guys don't work together all that much, which is fine by me because Stu Bailey (Ephraim Zimbalist, Jr. in the prime of life) is suave, suave, ultrasuave (squee) and has cool spy-type episodes, and Jeff Spencer is not only kinda dull, even his episodes tend to be dumb.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. This particular episode starts with two of the subsidiary characters talking: Roscoe, an informant and occasional helper, and Kookie, the Fonzie of the show - a young guy who parks the cars next to the detective agency and also occasionally helps out. Roscoe is middle-aged and wears bow ties and a hat and speaks racetrack slang all the time. Kookie is cool in a late-1950's way and speaks in a sort of beat poetry. The episode begins at oh-dark-thirty when Kookie bangs on Roscoe's door and wakes him up because he can't get into his own apartment and needs a place to crash.

So Roscoe throws him a pair of pajamas and invites Kookie to join him in bed. Which he does. !!!!

Roscoe/Kookie? I dunno. The mind boggles.

Even better, though, was Kookie's line explaining why he needed to borrow some clothes the next morning. He had to be at work early because Stu Bailey was away and "I need to play boy detective with Jeff."

Oh MY. Hubby and I were goggling at each other. People can you feel it? Slash is everywhere.

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