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I ran into this definition of kitten on Teh Intarwebs that tickled my funnybone:

    "Kitten: A small homicidal muffin on legs that; affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton acts of destruction with near-mystical overtones of cuteness. Source: Anonymous"

It occurred to me that this definition also applies to Vienne, who is still very much a smallish muffin on legs.

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I love my cat, I really do. He is as playful and mischievous a young-adult cat as he was a kitten, and affectionate to boot. I really do love him.


That said, as of this morning, I am in the market for a replacement bookend; he jumped up on the bookshelves and knocked one of the Argonath down. As the hubby said, this is a risk we take by actually using them and not keeping them in the box, but it would be a shame just to let them sit in the box unused when they do make wonderful bookends, especially for books by the Inklings. That made me feel better. :-)

I can buy a whole set of the Argonath bookends on eBay for a pretty reasonable price, but first I thought I'd check and see if anyone else also has just one whole bookend and is interested in selling it. So if you have one you'd like to unload, or if you know someone - let me know!
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The kitten is his feisty little self this morning - his paw is still pretty waxy, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him so much. If nothing else, it'll grow out.

The older cat was adorable last night, too. After we had held the kitten down and brushed the random bits out of various embarrassing parts of his fur (lower abdomen, base of tail), and scrubbed at his paw with a warm wet washcloth, and wrapped him in a towel and tried to dunk the paw in warm water... well, once we let him go, he was pretty miserable. While he half-lay, half-sat trying to lick the wax off his paw, the big cat hovered around and licked his back and haunch as if to comfort him. It was really sweet.

Thanks ever so much to those who helped out with advice last night! Much, much appreciated.
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Just found that our rambunctious kitten managed to step in a puddle of half-congealed candlewax. He isn't burned, but his paw is caked with the stuff and he's not having a lot of success licking it off. We tried using a stiff brush and got a lot of the bits and pieces off, but the main area is still pretty solid. We tried soaking his paw in warm water to loosen it, but couldn't keep his paw in the water for more than a few seconds.

Is it safe to let him keep licking at it, or will it make him sick?

Is there any other way to get it off? If it was on any other surface, we'd use ice and peel it, but we don't want to try to hold an ice cube to his paw, for obvious reasons.

I am frantically searching the Internet trying to find help on this topic - so far not much (one promising discussion turned into a tiff on the wisdom of leaving electric tart warmers burning).
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Here I am, innocently winding down from a hard day at work (I'm still in "yay! I have a job!" mode, so I don't mind), reading my f-list and listening to the Carmen Sandiego soundtrack 'cause I just saw Rockapella in concert last week & that reminded me of how much I love them.

Next thing I know, the resident 14-week-old spawnling of evil (he's much bigger than in the icon, but still too small to be a spawn of evil) has jumped up on the little shelves above the computer and knocked both speakers *and* the network router back behind the desk. The speakers wound up upside down on the floor, with a faint tinny little voice still crooning "let's take a trip to Niagara, this time we'll look at the falls." Fortunately the desk is on rollers so I could retrieve them easily, and everything is still working. But... grrr... whose bright idea was this, anyway, to bring such a destructive little force of chaos into the household?

Oh, yeah. Mine. :-)
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We got a kitten in August to keep our older cat company.
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