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Here's my write-up of the vid show at ConneXions 2017--25 vids' worth of slashy goodness! It's not friendslocked--feel free to share within fandom.

Some initial comments! I will happily sit and watch music videos in fandoms I don't follow, but I can't really review them. For this report, I'll try to say at least something about the vids where I have some limited knowledge of the source material, but this show had a lot of vids in fandoms I didn't even recognize and can't say anything meaningful about. I'd like to issue a challenge to the viewers who ARE familiar with those shows to step up and reward the vidders' efforts with comments!

Here's a link to where you can find most of the vids: ConneXions 2017 Vid Show Playlist.

I should mention a couple of nice elements of this year's vid show. The vid list included a column for warnings, usually for violence or blood. Also, I liked the way the vids were mixed up. Not only did we not get the same fandoms in a row, but we also didn't get too many angsty vids or rockin' vids in a row.

1. I Ship It (2017) – Multi – A&K productions
The vid show for ConneXions 2015 began with a vid by A&K Productions to the wonderfully a propos song "I Ship It" by Not Literally Productions. This year, we got to enjoy the same song again, with all new clips! The previous version was released on the ConneXions website [2015 fanvid to "I Ship It"], and I had just rewatched it before the convention. Such fun to compare! The 2015 vid was pure delight, and the 2017 took matters one step beyond!

For example, for the early line "in canon they have never met," the 2015 version made me squee with clips from Forever featuring Adam (Henry's recurring adversary) and Lucas (Henry's assistant). This year went beyond depicting characters from the same universe to give us a squeeworthy pairing between Methos from Highlander and Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood.

In 2015, the "canon ground" generally involved the het pairings depicted on the series, while the "crack ship" was a slash pairing inferred by fans. In 2017, the "canon ground" was the most popular slash pairing, while the "crack ship" was a rare slash pairing. For instance, we got Bodie/Doyle from The Professionals as canon and Bodie/Cowley as crack. I love it!

Marvelous pairings abounded. In 2015, I cheered out loud to see the Third Doctor and the Brigadier from old school Doctor Who; in 2017, I cheered once again to see Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenschmirz (from Phineas and Ferb). 2017 also gave us Spock with McCoy (*happy sigh*), Rodney with Ronan (Stargate: Atlantis), Lestrade with Mycroft (Sherlock), and a mock "shipping war" matching Fraser with the different Rays from Due South. There were also nods to fandoms as diverse as Starsky & Hutch and Yuri on Ice.

2. Skin – Sherlock –Johnlock – Suzeini Suz
I love the song, I love the show, and I liked the way the vidder combined them. The first verse seemed especially strong, as the scenes where Sherlock retreats into a warped version of his mind palace to help himself survive a gunshot wound fit extremely well, not only with the "bullet from the dark," but with the chorus about "when the walls came down" and "when my breath runs cold." The vidder also did a great job using a slower pace and still maintaining emotional intensity on the repeated lines "it was almost love." I had some difficulty with the focus of the vid, since the "you" of the lyrics seemed to be mapped onto multiple characters—not only John, but also Mary, and possibly Moriarty? However, I suspect that there is additional depth and complexity to the vid that I didn't pick up on a single public showing, and I look forward to rewatching it for greater understanding.

The vidder has a sort of mini-vid credit sequence before each of her vids begins, with a brief clip from the song "Take Me to Church" coupled with slow-motion, sometimes backwards, stylized movements from Sherlock clips. I have mixed feelings about it—it's very cool and it makes it easy to tell which vids are hers, and in general I like vids with distinctive vidder credits. On the other hand, some of the audience was initially misled into thinking that was going to be the song for the vid. *scratches head* Once you've seen a couple of her vids, though, you realize that's the credits. On the whole, I like the credit sequence.

3. Who Wants to Live Forever – Star Trek TOS & AOS –K/S – Putnik68
I remember this song from Highlander as really, really depressing, so I was kind of steeling myself to be miserable during this vid. I got a pleasant surprise! While there were definitely many sad moments, accentuated by the frequently slow-motion clips, there were also scenes of joy and hope. The hand-holding scene in Sickbay from near the end of Star Trek: The Motion Picture elicited a collective wail from the audience, as did Spock's death from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, nicely timed with "our love must die." The instrumental following that line, however, was filled with scenes of Kirk and Spock reuniting and continuing their adventures in the movies that followed. I'm always intrigued to see how vidders handle instrumental passages, and I thought this vidder made a great choice to use these moments. When the lyrics started up again, we got a wonderful transition from Spock melding with Kirk to Spock Prime melding with reboot!Kirk, and the vid continued with the new legacy of AOS.

4. Undisclosed Desires – Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – Garak/Bashir – Purplefringe
I loved this vid to itty bitty pieces. The first comment I have in my notes is "yum." The vid uses clips that run the gamut from tender to violent, fitting splendidly with the lyrics to the song, and incorporates moments of humor as well. To offer just one example: Garak's cheeky expression, coupled with the line "Your innocence is mine" brought appreciative howls from the audience.

5. ET – Supernatural – Dean/Castiel – AngelDove
I've seen exactly one episode of Supernatural, but I really liked the song with its driving beat and the chorus of "supernatural, extra-terrestrial" and hence enjoyed the vid. I'm sure it was more meaningful to the fans!

6. Never Forget You – Hawaii 5-0 – Steve/Danny – Jessica Smith
The beginning was angsty and romantic, and then as the song sped up, the clips transitioned to being more action-oriented with loads of hurt/comfort. I've only seen a few episodes of the new H50, but this was an enjoyable vid.

7. Falling for You – Sherlock – Mycroft/Lestrade – Lena KaitoKuroiRico
This vid was the first of several during the vid show that incorporated dialogue from the original source spoken over sung portions of the song. I found it really distracting—I could listen to the dialogue or the lyrics, but not both. On the other hand, I want to commend the vidder for tackling such a difficult pairing to find clips for.

8. Someone Like You – X-Men – Charles/Erik – Ara Mordrake
Okay, someone who saw the vid and who is familiar with this universe—step up!

9. I'm Too Sexy – Star Trek TOS – Kirk/Spock – Putnik68
A hilarious vid and very well done. I really like the way the vidder used Kirk's expressions as well as his body language to fit the lyrics. The inclusion of the car ad was an unexpected treat! There were well-deserved appreciative noises from the audience pretty much throughout, but the moment that seemed to inspire the most reaction was the first iteration of "I'm a model" where we see Kirk shirtless with a towel around his neck, first in his quarters and then walking down the hallway. If I had to quibble, I was surprised that with all the yummy "butt shots," we never got one during the line "I shake my little tush" – did I mention, however, that we still got lots of great butt shots? I'm not gonna complain!

10. You Are the One – Supergirl – Lena/Kara – Silviasi22
Okay, Supergirl fans—your turn to comment!

11. Rise – Yuri on Ice – Yuri/Victor – Jessica Smith
This was a very pretty vid for a very pretty show, and showcased a number of the figure skating scenes (especially "On Eros") as well as off-ice interactions. Lots of happy sighs from the audience. I liked the way the vidder interpreted the repeated lyric "rise" with clips showing Yuri's increasing confidence and success.

12. Lighthouse – Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries – Phryne/Mac – LlinTrek
The person next to me explained a little about the characters in the vid, enough to make me interested in the show. I found the vid charming and sweet, but I'd love to hear from someone in the fandom.

13. Bloodstream – Wentworth – Franky/Bridget – Silviasi22
Ooh, girlkissing! Not familiar with the source at all, alas. Speak up, fans!

14. Do What's in Your Heart – Shadowhunters – Alec/Mangus – Ocearielle
This one intrigued me. The song was entirely instrumental, and the vid appeared to trace a romantic arc, incorporating relevant dialogue, including the phrase "Do what's in your heart." Some of the dialogue – presumably the lines that the vidder wanted to showcase as especially important – was captioned, which I appreciated, although the typos were a little distracting. And there was boykissing! Still would love to hear from someone familiar with the show.

15. Don't Leave Me – Supernatural – Cas/Dean – Llintrek
Supernatural fans? I know you're out there.

16. Love and Affection – Holby City – Bernie/Berena – Llintrek
Girlkissing! Holby City fans, time to chime in!

17. Sidekick – Gotham – Penguin/Nygma – AaronBurrSir
I have a passing familiarity with Gotham, so I was able to follow the vid at least superficially. Curiously endearing, with a great mix of awkward enthusiasm from Penguin and bewilderment from Riddler.

18. Galway Girl – Sherlock – Johnlock – Suzeini Suz
This was a fun, happy vid, and I enjoyed the way clips were repurposed from serious scenes to fit the vid. I haven't often seen vids where a song describing a woman is used for a male character – last one I remember is the S/H "Livin' La Vida Loca" mapping Starsky onto the wild woman of the song – and I found it delightful. The Irish-style violin playing in the refrain is the icing on a cupcake of happy.

19 Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop – Star Trek AOS – K/S – Rave Bane
The song was slow and kind of emo, and the clips made for a quiet, gentle vid. The vidder made a choice I haven't seen before that I found fascinating. There was dialogue included, but it was indistinguishable, just another part of the sound mix, kinda like when people use illegible writing as a design element.

20. The Wonder of You – Whitechapel – Chandler/Miles – K.a.S.
I got nothin'. Whitechapel fans, it's your turn!

21. Until I Met You – X-Men – Charles/Erik – Ara Mordrake
Love to hear from anyone who can comment on this one as well as #8!

One interesting facet of this vid—the vidder chose a song that was entirely in Spanish and gave us the English subtitles. I've seen some nifty vids to songs that weren't in English, or weren't entirely in English, and I quite liked the subtitling as a device to make the lyrics accessible.

22. You Love Me, Right? – Lucifer – Maze/Linda – Silviasi22
I heard a lot of good things about Lucifer this weekend, but I haven't actually watched it. Love to hear from someone who knows more about this vid!

23. Bye, Bye, Bye – Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Gaston/LeFou – Lena KaitoKuroiRico
I haven't seen this version of BatB, so I look forward to hearing from those who have!

24. Thousand Years – Supernatural – Cas/Sam – AngelDove
Our third Supernatural vid, so I'm hoping for some additional comments!

25. I Want You To Want Me – Multi – K.a.S.
The show-closer included even more crowd-pleasing pairings. I jumped up and down in my seat when Cain and Glitch appeared!!! (It was the scene right after the fight with the Longcoats, when Glitch knocks Cain down just as another group of Longcoats trot by.) The vidder set up a nice tension by sometimes showing one member of a pairing and then waiting a beat longer than usual to show us who the other was. My favorite was Loki … then Tony Stark, on the oh-so-suitable line, "I'm begging you to beg me." Delish!

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