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Twenty-four vids in a great variety of fandoms!

ETA: And here's an official list!

The first vid, which introduced the con and was done by Kerguelen, was an adorable multi-fandom vid to a fannish song called “I Ship It.” Loved it!

The second was a vid by gwyneth focusing on Steve and Bucky from the Captain America universe to the song “Orange Crush.” I’m not familiar with the fandom, but I thought it was extremely well cut to the song, and my take-away was that each of the characters suffered a cost from being turned into a superhero and used in a war, although I’m sure people familiar with the ‘verse got a lot more out of it.

The third I had seen before, but was very happy to see again: Romanse’s sepia-toned Sherlock vid “No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Do.”

The fourth vid, and also the 19th, were Person of Interest vids, both focusing on the tragic arc involving Elias and his right-hand man. As sometimes happens with younger vidders, there were no credits, so I don’t know who did them and for the first one I didn’t know the song – it was a mixture of a ballad with rap (which I tend to like) with a recurring line “When I See You Again.”

#5 was a fun multi-fandom vid to a macaronic song (half in English, half in French), something about being sexy. #6 was a Leverage vid—I know that because the people behind me whispered, “Leverage!” to each other. (I was very grateful to those people, since they recognized a lot of fandoms that I didn’t.) It was to a song called “Parachute,” portrayed a yummy-looking OT3, and made me want to watch the show.

#7 took on a movie called “The Good Guys,” which I’ve never seen, to a song I’ve never heard, but it seemed pretty good. #8 was another I had seen before but was happy to see again, an uplifting Spartacus vid to “Hall of Fame.” Honestly, I suspect someone challenged the vidder to try to make a G-rated Spartacus vid, and by golly, it wasn’t easy but s/he did it! #9 evinced lots of laughter and cheering; it was a Hetalia vid to a quirky song called “Genesis of Aquarius.”

#10 was a Swamp Thing vid to the song “Evil Love.” Um, there was a guy in a pretty hardcore mullet and another guy . . . wait a minute, I sound just like Arthur!* Hee. #11 was a Daredevil vid that appeared to focus on a single, very sad arc, to a song called “Lost Along the Way.” #12 gave us another Sherlock vid; the name of the song was “Walk After You,” but the most frequently recurring words in the refrain were “perfect day,” which the vidder used both literally and ironically, which I loved. #13 was a “Fast and Furious” vid to a song called “I See Signs Now All the Time,” which was a very long title to try to scribble on one’s door key folder (I forgot to bring paper), but I managed it.

#14 was a Hannibal vid, which seemed to feature a lot of hurt/comfort between Hannibal and the guy who’s trying to arrest him? Hard to say, but it seemed well done. #15 was a Kingsman video to something called “hurts_cupid”—I think—again, the credits flashed by very quickly. Looked very interesting. #16 was a Supernatural vid involving one of the boys—the shorter, lighter-haired one, if that helps—with a guy who I found out later was Castiel. The song was something about “I don’t love you like I did yesterday.” I was impressed by the number of scenes the vidder had available that seemed to show a lot of emotion, canonically. (I’ve seen exactly one ep of Supernatural, a very early one.)

The next two songs inspired singing along! There was an Inspector Morse vid to “500 Miles” and a Peter Wingfield vid (with no Methos in it!) contrasting his mild-mannered and badass roles, to “Live and Let Die.” I enjoyed both of them. The 19th was the second Elias/Anthony vid, this one to a ballad-like cover of “Wherever You Will Go.” #20 was a song called “Born a Fighter” about the reboot James Kirk, which had a lot of good energy. We got another Kingsman vid to a song called “Radar”—I couldn’t follow either vid since I haven’t seen the movie, but again it looked good. For #22 I have written “If I Knew What You Were Thinking,” but ack! I can’t remember what the fandom was or what the vid was like. There’ll be an official list soon . . . (ETA: It was Ripper Street, and IIRC, melancholy in a good way.)

#23 was a Bilbo/Thorin vid that essentially traced their relationship backward, beginning with Bilbo’s attempt to say, “He was my friend” after Thorin’s death, and going back to their first meeting at the unexpected party. The song was something like “Losing Your Memory” and I thought it was a lovely video.

Finally, the 24th vid was a crowd pleaser par excellence! Not a new vid, but a beloved goodie: Diana Williams’ sexy multi-fandom vid to the song “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

*If you haven't read the rest of the con report, which is flocked, one of the games on Game Night involved listening to a youngster named Arthur describing unfamiliar songvids and guessing the fandom from her description.

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