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Title: The Enemy of my Enemy Raid
Author: Amedia
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Rating: PG for canon-typical violence and boykissing
Characters: Moffitt, Dietrich, Troy, Schmidt, OC's
Pairing: Moffitt/Dietrich
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Mirisch-Rich and United Artists. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Moffitt gets a few surprises when he is sent on detached service to pick up an important prisoner.
Word Count: 3042
Author's Note: A gift for Klio, who was wishing she had more of my Moffitt/Dietrich stories to read. How could I turn down such a flattering hint? Many thanks to TODS, who beta-read three complete drafts. The story is set during the "Raids End" universe, in which Moffitt and Dietrich had an affair ten years before the war. It takes place before “The Truth Will Out Raid,” which means that Troy is not aware of their previous relationship.

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A gorgeous, gorgeous Tin Man songvid.

I commissioned it from gifted vid maker [personal profile] settiai; I wanted something impressionistic and nonlinear focusing on DG's experience of the O.Z. to Enya's song "Anywhere Is." [personal profile] settiai did an AMAZING job! I love every little bit of it. It debuted at VividCon, but you can all watch it here:

It's the second one down. *jumps up and down squeeing wildly*
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Con.txt 2018 Vid Show

I thoroughly enjoyed this vid show, not once but twice! I saw it on Friday evening and then, on Saturday, con members could check out a flash drive with all the vids and copy them to their own laptops so we could rewatch them again anytime! I was in vid heaven! I rewatched them with some friends on Saturday night and loved them all over again. There were fewer conventional slash vids than I’m used to seeing, more character-study vids, and lots of grrl power. Great, great stuff.

[ETA]The con has posted a link to watch them all online![/ETA]

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Additional information about the vid show can be found at
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I enjoyed this book a whole lot more than I expected! Kyleen recommended it--now I know she gives good recs!--and even alerted me when it went on sale for 99 cents.

It's the first in a series with a vaguely Quantum-Leap-ish plot, but with a couple of cool twists. The main character "leaps" into the bodies of the recently-deceased in order to solve their murders, but only in cases where there's some kind of supernatural involvement. It's told in a humorously snarky first person, and while the narrator can be a jerk, we also see interesting character growth. His background has its own mystery and the author doles out clues sparingly--clearly this is an arc that will continue. I bought all three of the books so far and I look forward to reading the other two--and, I hope, more!
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REVELcon 2018: Vid Show

So many great vids this year! Kudos to all the vidders, and to Jamie for bringing it all together.

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I was very pleased to be asked to provide another hour's worth of older vids for this year's REVELcon! Here's a list of the vids I showed, with comments, because I am so impressed by these vidders that I have to show them love! Since I was asked to focus on small fandoms, I wanted to find fun, high-energy vids that people would find entertaining even if they didn't know the fandom. I also threw in a few not-so-small fandoms like Star Trek, Sentinel, and Pros.

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I had a blast, and I actually wrote my con report as I went along!

By hand.

I'll be typing it up soon! And yes, I took detailed notes on the vid show.
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Story title: Teamwork, Cabin, Snow
Author: Amedia
Rating: PG for innuendo
Characters: Wojo, Harris, Dietrich, Yemana, Barney
Ship: Harris/Dietrich
Disclaimer: No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Summary: Harris and Dietrich grouse about a recent weekend vacation
Word Count: 178
Author's note: This is the exact story (unedited) that I submitted for the flash fic contest at the REVELcon 2018 pajama party last night.

The rules were that we had exactly seven minutes to write the story using the piece of paper provided, and we had to incorporate the words "teamwork," "cabin," and "snow." Each of us won a prize! My story won "Most Detailed."

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I have a brilliant former student, Alex, who is disabled and also a disability activist/advocate. He has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, which means getting the "but you don't LOOK disabled" comments on good days, and needing to use a wheelchair on bad ones.

I'll let him speak for himself:
This is a shirt campaign that I was asked to do by other disability activists to help spread awareness of and support of invisible disabilities. The profit is helping Lev and I offset some of the costs of moving into our accessible apartment. So please, get yourself a shirt, tell others about the shirts, and spread the word. Invisible doesn't mean imaginary. Invisible disabilities exist

Here's the link:

And here's the shirt!

I've ordered one for myself--it should come around the end of April, and I look forward to wearing it!
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Everyone is supposed to hate Silas Marner, because it used to be required reading in school. I wasn't required to read it as a kid, but I did and I loved it then--and now.

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Talk about life imitating--or at least incorporating--art! Or in other words: FANGASM!!!!

Here's a news story with a video:
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I learned from ride_4_ever that today is More Joy Day, a day for spreading fannish joy. (You can read about it on for more details.)

Today began with a wonderful surprise: two lovely paragraph-long comments on AO3--one on an old Emergency! fic I wrote back in the day, and the other on a recent Friends ficlet. They made me so happy that I decided that's what I would do for More Joy day: leave comments on fics I have enjoyed. Squee!

ETA: I think I managed eight: two HP, one dS, one Yuri on Ice, two Star Trek (TOS/AOS), one Sherlock, one Tin Man.
ETA again: Links:
"Annabel" by Mierke (HP)
"Always but Not Necessarily Forever" by gingertart50 (HP)
"Step One" by Ride_Forever (dS)
"Four times Yuri hates love on the ice (and one time he sort of doesn't)" by rinsled05 (Yuri on Ice)
"if they're purring" by weekend _conspiracy_theorist (ST)
"Five Times Leonard McCoy Kissed Spock and One Time Spock Kissed Him" by TAFKAB (ST)
"Blind Justice" by dimity_blue (Sherlock)
"A Bagful of Berries, a Skyful of Blue" by lionille (Tin Man)
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... we were recording Tin Man!

Mind you, we didn't actually watch it until January. And I found SO MUCH to treasure in the Outer Zone.

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Here's my write-up of the vid show at ConneXions 2017--25 vids' worth of slashy goodness! It's not friendslocked--feel free to share within fandom.

Some initial comments! I will happily sit and watch music videos in fandoms I don't follow, but I can't really review them. For this report, I'll try to say at least something about the vids where I have some limited knowledge of the source material, but this show had a lot of vids in fandoms I didn't even recognize and can't say anything meaningful about. I'd like to issue a challenge to the viewers who ARE familiar with those shows to step up and reward the vidders' efforts with comments!

Here's a link to where you can find most of the vids: ConneXions 2017 Vid Show Playlist.
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Watched this as a grading break over the weekend, with sushi and champagne. Enjoyed it immensely. My fave character was Chirrut Imwe, aka Secret!Jedi Master Po. And his friend Baze.
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Here's a link to download the song I was squeeing about in the previous entry so you can hear it for yourself:

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I haven't made a Gratuitous Icon Post in so long, I had almost forgotten what it stood for!

Now that I've already made a bunch of posts about songvids, I finally got around to making a suitable icon! :-) It's an homage to the older vids that I've been digitizing, hence the stopwatch, VCR, and cascading pile of tapes. Here's to many future uses!

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