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Here's my write-up of the vid show at ConneXions 2017--25 vids' worth of slashy goodness! It's not friendslocked--feel free to share within fandom.

Some initial comments! I will happily sit and watch music videos in fandoms I don't follow, but I can't really review them. For this report, I'll try to say at least something about the vids where I have some limited knowledge of the source material, but this show had a lot of vids in fandoms I didn't even recognize and can't say anything meaningful about. I'd like to issue a challenge to the viewers who ARE familiar with those shows to step up and reward the vidders' efforts with comments!

Here's a link to where you can find most of the vids: ConneXions 2017 Vid Show Playlist.
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Watched this as a grading break over the weekend, with sushi and champagne. Enjoyed it immensely. My fave character was Chirrut Imwe, aka Secret!Jedi Master Po. And his friend Baze.
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Here's a link to download the song I was squeeing about in the previous entry so you can hear it for yourself:

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I haven't made a Gratuitous Icon Post in so long, I had almost forgotten what it stood for!

Now that I've already made a bunch of posts about songvids, I finally got around to making a suitable icon! :-) It's an homage to the older vids that I've been digitizing, hence the stopwatch, VCR, and cascading pile of tapes. Here's to many future uses!

Iron Man 2

Feb. 3rd, 2017 10:01 pm
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Tony Stark really is kind of a bastard, isn't he? Black Widow made this one worth watching for me.
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I've bought stuff from this gal before and it's always arrived promptly, carefully packed, and in great condition. She's having a bigger sale than usual and has some really nice stuff - the first five Lemony Snicket books, a Hobbit journal, loads of Marvel comics, even Doctor Who action figures. Check it out!

And feel free to repost - signal-boosting is appreciated.
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For those of you who love Barney Miller and would love to see the slashiest bits again--and most especially, for those of you who are saying, "Wait, Barney Miller was slashy???" Here's a link to download the Harris/Dietrich pimping tape slash recruitment clip compilation:

It may take a while, depending on your Internet speed--it's about 3 gigs.

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I believe I've mentioned not above a hundred times or so that I've been rewatching the Man from U.N.C.L.E. from the DVD set that I got as a present a few years ago. We just started watching the 4th season, and I have to give kudos to the people who designed the attache case it came in!

The fourth season is shorter than the others, as the show was canceled midseason. (Pause for a moment of sorrowful reflection.) This means that the internal box holding that season's DVD's is a little shallower than the boxes for the other three ... which I really hadn't thought about. When I lifted it out, it turned out there was an extra compartment behind it with bonus DVDs!!! I thoroughly admire that. SO in keeping with the secret agent motif!
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If I tell you what it is, you may go "WTF?" and not want to see it, as I almost did, but I did go see it and I'm glad I did! So let me just assure you that it is slashy but not porny, funny, sweet, and adorbs. It's basically a vertical comic strip. Go look!
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Unlike Pom, who is glossy and loves to pose, Vienne is very hard to take good pictures of, as she is matte and does NOT like to pose. But I got a good snap of her today in which she looks adorable and innocent -- while evading capture between the back of TODS's desk and the wall. (She snuck into the den, where she is not allowed to be unless there's a human in there with her.) Behold teh cute!

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I ran into this definition of kitten on Teh Intarwebs that tickled my funnybone:

    "Kitten: A small homicidal muffin on legs that; affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton acts of destruction with near-mystical overtones of cuteness. Source: Anonymous"

It occurred to me that this definition also applies to Vienne, who is still very much a smallish muffin on legs.

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ETA: Got it! y'all are the best.

A friend of ours recommended the TV show Olympus after it had been on for a while. We managed to TiVo all the eps except the pilot. Which isn't on Hulu or Netflix or Amazon or the network's own website or any of the other usual suspects. Anyone out there who can spot me a copy?

Many thanks in advance!!!
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I'm very excited about the Kickstarter to turn [ profile] meritahut's webcomic SPQR Blues into a graphic novel!

I can tell you that it's a well-researched webcomic drawn by a classicist that I've used for extra credit assignments for my Latin students. But what isn't immediately obvious is that it's drawn by a woman of color who highlights the diversity that's often overlooked in the population of ancient Rome. Her major characters include Jews, Etruscans, a black doctor who isn't a slave, and a variety of women who find ways to exercise power despite societal restrictions, from an independent restaurateur to a Macchiavellian matron.

For $10 you can get a PDF; for $25, a book; and for $35, a book with your name on the thank-you page. Please support it if you can, and please spread the word!
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I just read the sequel to Vögelein: Clockwork Faerie. I liked the second book, Vögelein: Old Ghosts quite a bit, but I didn't think it was as good as the first one. Without going into spoilery territory, I was disappointed in the main arc and frustrated with one of the secondary ones. 

Also, some of the characters seemed ... sugarcoated in this one. 

It was still an enjoyable read, and exquisitely drawn, and I still look forward to future volumes. 

So here's my question. This is an indie author whom I'd love to support. I was happy to leave a 5-star review of the first book on Amazon. This book has only three reviews so far, two 5-star and one 4-star. I don't feel that I can give it 5 stars, and another 4 star review will bring her average down. 

I want to do right by this author. Is it more important for an indie author to have the highest possible average? Or to have the largest possible number of reviews?
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