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I ran into this definition of kitten on Teh Intarwebs that tickled my funnybone:

    "Kitten: A small homicidal muffin on legs that; affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton acts of destruction with near-mystical overtones of cuteness. Source: Anonymous"

It occurred to me that this definition also applies to Vienne, who is still very much a smallish muffin on legs.

Pom, as a baby cat, looked like a dust mouse,

Pom as a small kitten

but he has grown into a very elegant, long-legged creature with a jaunty manner.

Vienne, however, is still rather squarish and short-legged and made up primarily of fluff, despite being a fierce maraudress and a terror to unsuspecting geckoes*, spiders, and reservoirs of water**.

Baby Vienne

Big Vienne (not that much bigger)

So I have added "Muffin" to her list of epithets, alongside Princess. Because cats with personality need more than one nickname, and Pom already has several.

*(No, she doesn't go outside. She finds the poor creatures in the garage and brings them into the house for fun times.)
**(Well aware of Vienne's proclivities for knocking over any container that might possibly contain liquid, we now use large plastic cups--the kind you get free from barbecue joints--as water pitchers and try to remember to empty them before leaving the room.)
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