Iron Man 2

Feb. 3rd, 2017 10:01 pm
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Tony Stark really is kind of a bastard, isn't he? Black Widow made this one worth watching for me.
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Non-spoilery paratextual comments: How many things can go wrong in one theater, especially with only about fifteen people total? Well... The people in front of us wouldn't turn stop checking cell-phone messages; in a dark theater, watching a dark movie, that bright square of blue light right in front of you is incredibly distracting. They ignored our whispered requests to stop, but after my SIL left to get a manager, they finally turned it off. Fortunately she didn't miss much of the movie, but she shouldn't've had to miss any! (The manager never came, but that's another story.) Then some people came in late: a mom and dad who apparently didn't want to pay a babysitter because they brought a one-year-old and a three-year-old, who babbled and talked, respectively, for quite a while; they took them out once and brought them back in, then took them out for good. Meanwhile, the movie itself was jittery; it wasn't obvious until the action slowed down, but then we could tell that the film was moving rapidly back and forth (it was painfully obvious - literally - during the credits) in the projector.

We spoke to the manager afterwards. It turned out that the usher my SIL had talked to had gotten overwhelmed by a busy period and forgot to ask the manager to check on the cellphone user. The poor kid was right there while we were talking to the manager, and looked very embarrassed, and we emphasized that we didn't want him to be reprimanded or anything. We just wanted her to know the situation, and we also told her about the shaky film (we didn't mention the little kids - didn't want to be piling on). She was very understanding and thanked us for being so polite about the whole thing, and insisted on giving us free tickets for another movie AND a complete refund. Wow! We gave the tickets to the SIL, who loves movies and has a hard time affording them.

mildly spoilery comments )
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Enjoyed it a lot! Be sure to stay through the end of the credits - there's an Easter Egg.

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