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. . . that is to say, at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. TODS is driving me to the airport and we're going to listen to Night Vale on the way, hooray! After MW*C, a visit to see my family. I will probably be online sporadically for the next couple of weeks, and I apologize in advance for not keeping up with folks as well as usual I should. Hugs to all!
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This is a pretty large photo - not dial-up friendly! I couldn't get the whole door in one picture, so this is two pictures pasted together as neatly as I could. Read more... )
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I am *seriously* considering taking a train to get to MW*C. input welcomed! )

I am still working on the REVELcon report, I promise!
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Just wanted to add that there were some folks who were sorely missed this year. I knew [ profile] shawan_7 wouldn't be able to attend, but it was a sad surprise to find that [ profile] hieran couldn't make it. She was going to room with Klio, so I would have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with her! Somehow we also missed [ profile] elegant_bonfire this year; it would have been great to see her! (I was hoping she'd bring some real-live rats this year, too!) I missed seeing Kathy Agel as well, who hasn't come for a couple of years now.

But I was grateful to get to see and spend time with the many wonderful folks who were able to come.
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Someone at MW*C told me that there was an unofficial community on LJ for That Big Fanzine Convention in Michigan (whose name is a very well-protected service mark), but I can't find it by searching. Can anyone direct me? Thanks!!!

Edit on June 22nd: I found it myself! Here's the link:
or [ profile] mediawestfen
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The con report, at last! In honor of its overall Rattiness (i.e., emphasis on Rat Patrol fandom), and to celebrate my new paid-account status, I have added a new icon of my favorite RP character. *happy sigh*

MW*C 23: A Very Ratty Convention )

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