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OK, it isn't nice, at all, to hear about this kind of thing happening ANYWHERE. But it's a relief that the latest publicized case didn't happen in media fandom!
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This is six pages long, but I couldn't stop reading - it's a train
wreck of the same nature as the adventures of CatO a.k.a. wolfwalker
from RP fandom, msscribe from HP, or Victoria Bitter from LOTR.

It has many familiar elements: an imaginary man enticing a woman out of a
troubled marriage, claims of involvement in 9/11, sudden emergencies
whenever a real meeting is immanent. Really, a psychologist somewhere
needs to put all these together and come up with name for this syndrome.
And a cure.
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I appreciate the posts responding to my rough draft account of the RP Sock Puppet fiasco, many of which have provided additional information as well as correcting errors that I have made. I'd like to highlight a couple of them here:

One of wolfwalker's insiders has posted her perspective on the whole affair. I truly admire her courage.

Someone from Garrison's Gorillas fandom has gotten permission to provide posts exposing wolfwalker's circumstantial inconsistencies *and* IP address carelessness - an incredible piece of work by an anonymous person who was apparently GG's Jedi and LightSide rolled into one.

As I was putting this post together, I happened to glance up toward the top of the page where I saw these words:

You are currently logged in as amedia.
To post as another user, click here.

[running and screaming]
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Here are the posts made by "maquisbabe" to the Yahoo club in December 2001.

They were made at 6 a.m. Eastern Time to maximize the time they would be up before the clubmom deleted them. Because of the way Yahoo clubs worked at that time, the titles and first sentences of these posts remained visible for several hours on people's "My Yahoo" pages even after they were deleted, so the titles and first sentences were intended to summarize the contents.

Notice that these posts were made before the LightSiders got the IP evidence. "maquisbabe" clearly believes that there is more than one puppeteer.

Subject: Marcia did not attend Eclecticon. )

Subject: 'Justin Tarr' on tullypettigrew is a fake. )

Subject: Jealousy, cruelty, and cowardice )
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This is a followup to the rough-draft account at

No attempt at organization here for the moment - just some additional facts that I've remembered or been reminded of, and a brief account of the C&D horror that preceded this event.

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Inspired by the recent account of the activities of "msscribe" in HP fandom, those of us in Rat Patrol who survived a very similar experience have decided to try to post a public account as well.

Here is a most-names-removed version of the account I sent to a number of people a few years ago. Anyone who has info to add ([ profile] shawan_7, this is your cue), please comment!

ETA: Additional material can be found at: (miscellaneous tidbits and an account of the C&D that occurred before the sock puppet fiasco) (Kathy Agel's account of the sock puppet fiasco as posted to FCA-L) (maquisbabe's posts to the Yahoo Rat Patrol club) (links to responses with additional info from alternate perspectives) (my post linking to this post on fanthropology - garnered some good comments) ([ profile] mecurtin's fanthropology post "Diagnosing Malicious Puppetry" - a thoughtful post plus more good comments) (discussion of the RP sock puppet fiasco on fandom_wank in 2004 - includes concise accounts by one of the Jedi and by Nancy's friend)

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