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Story title: Lucky for Me
Author: Amedia
Rating: PG
Characters/Ship: Joey-Chandler or Joey/Chandler, depending on how hard you squint
Summary: Chandler really cares about the coffee.
Keywords: fluff, bickering, hurt/comfort
Word count: 767
Author's note: This theme of year's slash pajama party at REVELcon is "hurt/comfort," so I needed a short hurt/comfort piece in a fandom that most people would recognize. I was idly musing and this just popped into my head.
Newsflash! "Your Royal Madjesty" on AO3 - Srishti on tumblr - drew a lovely illustration for this story! You can see it at

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When you get into Lorelei's truck, you never quite know *where* in Houston you're going to end up. This time it was a place in the arts-warehouse district that she discovered through geocaching. It was full of giant heads of presidents. And giant Beatles. I was reasonably certain you wouldn't believe me without photos, so here they are!
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Ooh! It's nice that all the 70-mph roads in Texas are now 75, but my little car does not like to go that fast! (It shakes.) Fortunately there are other drivers who prefer to poke along at 70, so I was in good company.

Made it to the con hotel pretty quickly nonetheless--I beat Lorelei!--so I'm all checked in and chillaxing while Lorelei finishes getting here. So far I've seen Liz K, and of course her mom, and Territrek (aka Tex, the tall one). The pre-convention is starting!

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There were only sixteen songvids at REVELcon this year, but there were a lot of really good ones!
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I saw this at REVELcon; my roommate had brought it along as friendly background noise. Fluffy eye candy; shame about the casting (white actors playing Middle Eastern roles). Very pretty scenery, slightly more interesting plot than I was expecting.
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I'll probably have at least partial 'Net access while I'm there, but I may not be on much because there'll be other fun things to do! *waves to everyone* Y'all behave while I'm gone, now, hear?
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I'm just on a roll with posting lately - I don't usually post this much in a *month*. But here's something I had to share - DVD's are now available for the REVELcon songvid contests of 2006 and 2007. I reviewed the 2006 contest here, and the 2007 contest here. Most but not all of the songs from the contests are on the DVD's - click the lj-cut for complete lists.

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The Friday night vid show:

The most-represented fandoms among the vids were Starsky and Hutch, Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, and Supernatural, with a good mix of serious and humorous vids. My favorite was a mixed-universe mixed-pairings vid with a wide range of couples, including Janeway/Chakotay, Fraser/Ray2, Mulder/Scully, Kirk/Spock, and more, with some very clever scenes repeating surprisingly similar actions from different universes, set to the tune of "A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action" (vid by Gianduja Kiss). I was also very struck by a vid set to Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of," also by Gianduja Kiss, depicting violent scenes from La Femme Nikita in a way that managed to combine both horror and beauty. I thought the Sentinel vid "Three Time Loser" by Jamie Ritchey was a particularly interesting Sentinel vid; even though it wound up being slash, the contents of the song enabled the vidder to use usually un-vidded clips of the guys with guest female characters as they reminisced about failed relationships. There were some fun Starsky & Hutch vids – I think Moon's "If I Had a Million Dollars" was my favorite, followed closely by Morgan Logan's "Lovecats." Some of the serious ones, while well done, didn't seem to say anything new or interesting and tended to draw on the same clips; I thought KimberlyFDR's Starsky & Hutch vid "Secret in your Eyes" was a nice introspective change of pace that avoided this problem. Although I could not follow the Supernatural vids, being unfamiliar with the show, I was enchanted by the music for Grif Ink's video "My Son John"; the song was a Celtic-style round entitled "Cannonball" that reminded me of "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" or "Fighting for Strangers" in content. I thought the group that did the song, Clandestine, must be a very fine professional group I hadn't heard of; we were all astonished to learn that it's a local group and that there was a member at the convention! [ETA: I have since learned that it's BOTH a very fine professional group that has toured internationally AND a homegrown band from Houston. How cool is THAT!]

The Saturday afternoon Pimp-Your-Vids hour:

Next I went to the video room for my two-hour stint. Laurie showed me how to use the video setup, which worked quite logically and easily (much with the yay). For the first hour, I showed the pilot of Heroes, which I have to admit was very interesting and contained at least one surprising moment. Next scheduled was an hour of "Pimp your Favorite Vids." That was fun! Jan, who was leaving for the Supernatural panel, had left instructions to start with a new disk of Supernatural vids. We dutifully watched the first one even though all the Supernatural fans were at the panel, and then I popped it out and we watched what people brought, including some excellent vids by PR Zed, both serious and funny, such as "The Soldiering Life" (Sharpe) a nice romantic Pros vid whose name I have forgotten (something about "I love your this" and "I love your that," with really nice cut selection and timing), and "Bohemian Like Me" (multi). We also saw two vids based on things no one there had seen except Kat, which were therefore kinda hard to follow (the movie "Equilibrium" and the British TV show "Spooks"). Then we saw vids both by, and brought by, oneofarcadia. Hers included a very sweet SG-1 team vid to "Seasons of Love" and a Jack/Daniel vid to "Something to Talk About" (a song that I always identify with Kandy Fong's multi vid from the old days). She also showed some Buffy vids and Forever Knight vids by other folks. I forget who did the Buffy vids, but they were cute and funny. There was a romantic one for Xander to the tune of "Happy Together" showing him with a different girl for every verse, playing ironically against the line "the only one for me is you." The Forever Knight vids, including "Sunglasses at Night," were technically well done but I thought the gimmickiness got in the way of the story. Last, Jamie brought a non-fannish vid by Killa and Tzikeh to "Puttin' on the Ritz." Kandy Fong was there and as I left she was talking with oneofarcadia about options for posting vids online and about Vividcon – it was great to see the very first vidder encouraging a new talent.
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I'm leaving for R-con tomorrow, so I'll have spotty Internet access for a few days. I can't wait - hanging with my girlfriends and relaxing for a few days is exactly what I need!


Jan. 29th, 2006 12:04 am
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[ profile] keikokin and her hubby are coming to REVELcon! Yay!!!!!!

Keikokin is a very dear friend of mine from when I lived in The Middle of Nowhere, PA, and I miss her and her
family terribly, so this will be a huge treat. Plus R-con is so much fun, it's great to have a chance to share it.

She asked me whether it was similar to Econ, and I thought about it for a bit, and said yes, but mellower and
more laid-back. It's about the same size and has a similar emphasis - fanfic - actually REVELcon is slashier,
now that I think about it, since it was established as a "slash-friendly" con.

Anyway, I am very excited and very happy! Yay!

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